How to Abbreviate Apartment

Regardless of why you are trying to abbreviate the word “apartment” you have come to the right place. In this article, we will teach you how to abbreviate the word and how to use the abbreviation for “apartment.”

Definition of Apartment

An apartment is most commonly defined as a room or a group of rooms that are related to each other to form a person’s living space, which at the same time is located in a larger building. Basically an apartment is defined as a living space in a building that has various spaces fit for that purpose.

In the past, the word apartment could also refer to any separated room or series of rooms in a house, defined for being far from the main living space. This meaning can still be found occasionally but is far less common in practical usage.

How Do You Abbreviate Apartment

The proper apartment abbreviation is

  • Apt.

This abbreviation can also be written with the variations: Apt., apt., Apt, APT, etc. You can also use the plural form: apts.

There’s no other commonly agreed apartment abbreviation and you are more likely to find a synonym for it like the British use for the word “flat” over any alternative form to abbreviate it.

Synonyms for Apartment

The main synonyms you can find for the word apartment are: flat, condo, residence, chamber, lodging and living quarters.

Since apartments are by definition a place of residence various synonyms of the word “house” can be used as well based on the context, such as: abode, domicile, den, residence and dwelling.

However, by far the most important synonym to keep in mind is the word flat due to the particular use of the word in British English. In British English, the word apartment almost always is used for its second meaning, and as such if you want to refer to the dwelling place or household you have to use flat to properly convey the message. And due to these factors, the use of the word flat to refer to apartments has become more common all over the world.

When to Abbreviate Apartment

As with most abbreviations, the key thing to keep in mind is that they are meant to be used when it’s important to save space. As such some of the main reasons to use apt. are when you need to write the word in headers, newspaper reports and in general all sort of printed media that requires paying attention to the character count.

However due to the importance of the word both in real estate and in the postal service you can expect to see the word almost always abbreviated when it comes to those topics. Apartment listings and contracts will almost always invariably use apt. for brevity. Likewise, if you are writing a shipping address on an envelope you will rely on the abbreviation to save space.

All in all apt. is probably one of the most used abbreviations in practical day to day life.

Some Examples of When to Abbreviate Apartment

  • Renting apts. in the downtown area, please contact us for further details.
  • Ship to:

Joe Doe
123 Adams Ct.
Apt 505
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

  • Remember to pick up all delivery from the doorman after reaching your apt.
  • A series of apts. caught fire last night, more information on page 11.

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