What Does SMH Mean?

Just what does SMH mean? Maybe you’ve read this in a text message or your kid has exclaimed this at the dinner table in response to something you said. But what does SMH mean?

SMH Meaning

SMH stands for ‘Shaking My Head.’ SMH is a fun little acronym that is used to express disappointment, dismay, or embarrassment.

Usually, this phrase is employed during moments of distress towards one’s actions or behaviors. The real SMH meaning is a great response to use when a close friend or a relative performs a ridiculous act.

For example, if your friend exclaims loudly, “Wowzers, that is one neat jacket!”, this would be an embarrassing thing to say out loud. Let alone it was shouted at a loud enough volume for other people to hear that! In order to bring your friend back down to Earth, you would then respond with, “SMH”. Smh is typically used in a phone text message conversation, but even some of the sharper and more hip teenagers and adults use it out loud in discussions.

Many times I have been asked what does SMH mean, and while it can mean different things to different people, it is rarely used as a severe measure of one’s decisions. You can ‘shake your head’ at things you feel envious about as well, such as shaking one’s head towards a wonderful pair of sneakers that someone else is wearing and you are jealously eyeing them. You could shake your head at a beautiful man or woman as they strut by, chuckling to yourself as you assess your self-worth and their worth to determine quickly that they are far out of your league.

Where Did SMH Come From?

There are multitudes of ways to interpret the SMH meaning. The acronym has deep roots in popular internet culture and can be seen in many Instagram comments and Facebook posts. You can learn how to use it properly here and impress your friends with your command over the English language’s slang!

You can shake your head at your mother, your peers, your dog, even your friendly acquaintances! SMH is something that is rather casual and should not be used in any professional or formal settings. In the confines of polite conversation or high society, one should not shake their heads one bit. Do not use ‘SMH’ during your work hours or with any figures of authority. And above all, do not use this slang acronym or any others in a courthouse during a trial.

The user of ‘SMH’ will be received well if the acronym is deployed properly. In recent years, this phrase has become quite popular and well-used amongst the cool and trendy youth across America. Remember, the setting you are in and the company you are with will become critical in your slang use. If you intend to be popular and well-liked, simply use the guide written here and you will finesse your way into the most exciting of social circles!

So, remember, you can shake your head towards all of those in your future social events now. Do not use this new tool in your vocabulary seriously and keep a light attitude towards all that receive it.


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