150+ Magical Unicorn Names – Legendary Names

Naming a unicorn can be one of the most fun childhood experiences. Whether you have a toy unicorn or an imaginary one, we want to make sure that you find a great unicorn name for your pet unicorn.

We’ve categorized unicorn names below so that you can easily find names that will work for you.

Moody Unicorn Names

Is your unicorn typically emotional? Try one of these names.

1.) Happy
2.) Ravenous Raven
3.) Giggle Clop
4.) Giggly Star
5.) Cheery
6.) Cheery Bubblegum
7.) Happy Prancer
8.) Happy Princess

9.) Giddy
10.) Sassy
11.) Merry
12.) Moody
13.) Jolly
14.) Goofy
15.) Wacky
16.) Wacky White
17.) Witty
18.) Happy Feet

Names for Sparkly Unicorns

19.) Sparky
20.) Glitter
21.) Twinkle
22.) Shinny
23.) Lightning
24.) Ray
25.) Star
26.) Bright
27.) Shimmer
28.) Dazzle

29.) Glitzy
30.) Starry
31.) Starry-Eyed
32.) Starry
33.) Sunshine
34.) Pearly
35.) Twinkly Light
36.) Shimmery Shimmer
37.) Starlight
38.) Stardust
39.) Dazzling Princess
40.) Sparkle Toes
41.) Smiley Star
42.) Twinkly Star
43.) Twinkle Dust
44.) Pretty Glizz
45.) Diamond
46.) Dashing Diamond
47.) Sparkles
48.) Goldie
49.) Gold Star
50.) Twinkle Toes
51.) Emerald Star
52.) Emerald
53.) Precious Diamond
54.) Glitzy Diamond
55.) Golden Twinkie
56.) Bright Star
57.) Quickstar
58.) Quick Silver
59.) Silver Moon
60.) Silver Shadow
61.) Twilight Sparkle
62.) Shinning Armor
63.) Tiny Pop

Great Unicorn NamesNames for Active Unicorns

If your unicorn is an active one, try having its name reflect its active nature. These make great male unicorn names.

64.) Dashing
65.) Speedy
66.) Flying Petunia
67.) Prancer
68.) Tiny Prancer
69.) Twirly
70.) Twirly Toes
71.) Disco
72.) Prancing
73.) Prancing Prancer
74.) Speedy
75.) Fluttershy
76.) Flying Fairy
77.) Prancing Fairy
78.) Prancing Angel

Colorful Unicorn Names

If your unicorn is colorful, give it a name that represents its color.

79.) Rosy
80.) Rainbow
81.) Grey
82.) Blackie
83.) Whitie
84.) Violet
85.) Blue Valentine
86.) Pink Magic
87.) Dancing Violet
88.) Purple Snowflake
89.) Purple Shadow
90.) Pinkie Pie
91.) Blue Butterfly
92.) Purple Star

Names for Rainbow Unicorns

93.) Stormy
94.) Sunshine
95.) Rainbow Horn
96.) Breezy
97.) Sky Dancer
98.) Snowy Wings
99.) Cloud Chaser
100.) Moon Chaser
101.) Moonbeam

102.) Rainbow Dash
103.) Fluffy Cloud
104.) Night Moon
105.) White Star
106.) Panyweather
107.) Night Shadow
108.) Dusty Cloud
109.) Flying Moon
110.) Rainbow Rocket
111.) Twilight
112.) Prancing Twilight

Sweet Unicorn Names

Does your unicorn like sweet things? Do you? Name your unicorn after a sweet thing. These make great female unicorn names.

113.) Honey Blossom
114.) Honey Bloom
115.) Bubblegum
116.) Cupcake
117.) Fancy Cupcake
118.) Cheery Cherry

119.) Clementine
120.) Midnight Truffle
121.) Saucy
122.) Rainbow Sprinkle
123.) Raspberry Kiss
124.) Strawberry Kiss
125.) Chocolate Kiss
126.) Sugar
127.) Apple Pie
128.) Sugar Pie
129.) Honey Bun
130.) Peachy Pie
131.) Peachy
132.) Peach

133.) Lemon Drop
134.) Sugar blow
135.) Honeydew
136.) Pumpernickle
137.) Sprinkle Cake
138.) Buttercup
139.) Pudding Pop
140.) Sugar Pop
141.) Creamsicle
142.) White Creamsicle
143.) Coffee Creamsicle
144.) Jam Jam
145.) Strawberry Jam
146.) Candy Cane
147.) Cherry Cake
148.) Snuffle Pop
149.) Marshmallow
150.) Sweet Marshmallow
151.) Lollipop
152.) Pound Cake

Other Famous Unicorn Names

Below are some additional unicorn names that have been used by famous unicorns. If you want to name your unicorn after famous unicorns, select from the list below.

153.) Princess
154.) Sassy Sunshine
155.) Winter Dream
156.) Summer Dream
157.) Fairy Princess
158.) Electra
159.) Lily
160.) White Lily
161.) Lady Feather
162.) Winter Tale
163.) Snowflake
164.) Fluffy
165.) Singer
166.) Dusty
167.) Sandy Princess
168.) Sandy
169.) Lucky Fluff
170.) Lucky Feathers
171.) Bubbles
172.) Blossom

173.) Magical Princess
174.) Sweet Princess
175.) Gorgeous Princess
176.) Poppy
177.) Cherry Blossom
178.) Princess Lullaby
179.) Spike
180.) Hoofie
181.) Trixie
182.) Blond Trixie

Other Ways to Name Your Unicorn

You can be creative and come up with your own unicorn names. For example, you can take your pet’s name and then add your first or middle name. If you don’t have a pet, try your favorite stuffed animal. Another way is to take your favorite food or activity and name your unicorn after that. You can also just pick random names from your child’s dictionary.

History of the Unicorn

Unicorns have pervaded our imaginations since before recorded history. The horse with a single horn on its forehead – tales of the Unicorn can be found across numerous cultures all over the world.

When talking about unicorn history, their first appearance can be seen in early Mesopotamian art, and in the ancient mythology of India and China too. The earliest tale of unicorns in ancient Greek literature was by the historian, Ctesias. Most unicorn history scholars though agree that Ctesias was probably describing an Indian Rhinoceros

There’s even mention of the unicorn in the Bible, interpreted to be an allegory for the early church and as a representation of Christ. In the Middle ages, unicorn horns (most likely the horns of a rhino or tusks of a narwhal) were highly valued as it was believed to protect against poison. It went on to become a mainstay in tapestry and art depictions, as well as a character in heraldry where it represented strength and majesty.

Today, the mythical unicorn lives on as part of popular culture – shown through a wide array of media and art – likely not to go anywhere anytime soon.

What Does the Unicorn Look Like?

Unicorn images and fantastic tales of unicorns have been with us for a long time.

It would appear that tales of unicorns were first told in ancient Mesopotamia. From there, they traveled to Europe with the voyagers on the Silk Route from China.

Did unicorns exist? That is the question that we would all like to have answer to. The truth is that we don’t know. No one has found the remains of unicorns. But, is the concept of the unicorn really so strange?

Today, we still have wonderful creatures such as rhinos and narwhals. Both species have a horn. Take a closer look at the narwhal and you will soon find that it looks very much like what we would expect a mythological creature to look like.

Perhaps the idea of the unicorn is not so far-fetched after all. Could they still be out there? It is unlikely that unicorns are still alive today. That does not mean that we should stop admiring unicorn images. If unicorns ever lived, they were certainly stunning animals.


What Does the Unicorn Emoji Mean?

According to Emojipedia, the unicorn emoji. It is generally depicted as a white horse head facing left with a pink or purple mane and a yellow or rainbow-colored horn. It is often used for various content related to the LGBTQ community or refers to something that is mystical, magical, or rare.

Where Do Unicorns Live and Come From?

Unicorns typically live alone in forests. Historically, a lot of unicorns were thought to live in India.

What Color Are Unicorns?

Unicorns are typically white and can have rainbow manes.

What Is a Baby Unicorn Called?

A baby unicorn is known as a sparkle or shimmer.

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