Why Does Mother’s Day Have an Apostrophe?

Many people wonder why or even whether there is an apostrophe in Mother’s Day. The simple answer is that there is an apostrophe in Mother’s Day andthe reason is quite simple.

Mother’s day was meant to celebrate the contribution of a mother to her family. Mother is not meant as a collective group here. It is a not a day to honor all the mothers in the world. It is a day to celebrate each mother as an individual.

That is why the apostrophe is after r and before s, so that it indicates that the mother is an individual. If the apostrophe was after s, then the meaning completely changes. For example, April Fool’s Day is a day for all the fools of the world. That is why the apostrophe is after L. If Mother’s Day were spelled Mothers’ Day, then the holiday would refer to a day for all the mothers in the world to celebrate together.

This is why you will see that people wish Happy Mother’s day to their mother only and not to everyone. It is different from other popular days like Christmas Day, where you wish everyone a happy day.

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