What Is a Good Freelance Writing Rate?

Freelance writing is a great way to earn extra income and can even become a full-time gig if you develop the right skills and clients.

Freelance Writing Rates

The amount you charge for writing generally depends on your skill level. Beginners or junior writers will charge a lower rate than more experienced writers. As you build up your reputation and take on larger clients, you can begin to gradually increase your rates.

The amount you charge will also depend on where you live. US clients will typically expect that a foreign writer, for example, one based in the Philippines, will charge less than a US-based writer of similar skill because the cost of living in the Philippines is lower.

Below are some common freelance writing rates for various skill levels for US-based writers:

LevelFee Per WordEst. Per Hour (500 Words)
Entry level.03-.06$15-$30


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