Is Veteran Capitalized?

Another tricky word, that gives people or schoolchildren issues when they are writing something related to war is the word veteran. They often struggle with the question of: is veteran capitalized? In this article, we will provide an overview of when the word “veteran” is and isn’t capitalized.

When the word “veteran” is capitalized

Like any other word, “veteran” should be capitalized if it is the first word that starts a new sentence. It should also be capitalized when it is used as a name for a place or holiday.

There are also a few proper nouns that have the word veteran in them, like Veterans Day, which need to be capitalized as well.

Here are some examples of when “veteran” should be capitalized:

  • “He was born in a small town in New York, the town is called Veteran.”
  • “Veterans of the Vietnam War were treated more unfairly than any other war veteran population that we ever had.”
  • “One holiday that is celebrated with special awe and pride in our household is Veterans Day”
  • “Veterans can struggle to get back into society.”
  • “Veterans can suffer from all kinds of mental illnesses when they come back home.”

When the word “veteran” is not capitalized

In every other case, “veteran” should be written lowercased. That means that no matter what if the word isn’t at the beginning of the sentence or if it does not refer to a proper noun it has to be written with lowercase.

Here are some examples:

  • “A lot of veterans live in conditions that are not up to the average standard of living”
  • “We have a new neighbor who is a Gulf War veteran.”
  • “A country taking proper care of their veterans is a long tradition, even Romans and Athenians has pensions and holidays for their veterans”
  • “Both my father and grandfather were World War Two veterans”
  • “The man teaching our kid the guitar is a veteran.”

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