Is Party Capitalized?

Capitalization is one area of English grammar that seems simple, but can quickly become incredibly complex. In this article, we will look at the proper capitalization procedures to follow when using the word ‘party’ in close connection with political ideologies.

Is Party Capitalized?

The word ‘party’ falls into a number of different categories depending on its usage. As a noun it refers to social gatherings or a group that has gathered for a specific task. For example, you could describe a ‘cocktail party’ or a ‘search party’. In this form, the word ‘party’ is subject to the capitalization rules of any normal noun.

‘Party’ can also be used as a verb to refer to the act of enjoying oneself without restraint, or the act of throwing a party. For example, you could say, “We partied last night,” or, “We are partying.” Again, in this form, the word ‘party’ is subject to the regular rules of capitalization that govern verbs in the English language.

The third form that the word ‘party’ can take is an adjective or descriptive word to indicate an item, person, or persons that are defined by their relation to a party. For example, the word ‘dress’ is further described by adding the word ‘party’ in front of it, making it a ‘party dress.’ By specifying the type of dress, the reader or listener knows more about the garment and its usage. Again, the word ‘party’ follows the regular rules for capitalization that are enforced upon adjectives.

Where the capitalization rules for the word ‘party’ diverge from basic grammatical practice is when it is used in conjunction with a political group. The reason for this differentiation is to help distinguish political terms from the ordinary usage of the same word. For example, the word ‘party’ in the phrase ‘we are going to a conservative party’ is not capitalized, but the word ‘party’ in the phrase ‘a member of the Conservative Party‘ is capitalized, which helps differentiate between a calm, night in with friends and an individual who is part of a political party.

The rules for capitalization for the usage of the word ‘party’ in conjunction with political groups or movements is very straightforward. When the word ‘party’ is preceded by the official name of a political party it must be capitalized, as in the term ‘Conservative Party’ or ‘Communist Party.’ The only exception to this is if it is used as a generic term, as in the phrase, ‘a new socialist party was founded’.

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