Is Pandemic Capitalized?

With the current crisis going on all over the world, it can be obvious to ask the question of whether the word pandemic is capitalized?

Is Pandemic Capitalized?

Generally, no. The word pandemic is a generic noun which means it can refer to any specific pandemic.

For example:

  • The current pandemic is caused by COVID-19.
  • The 1918 pandemic was one of the deadliest in history.

The exception to this rule is for titles in which case “pandemic” is capitalized. In titles, you should capitalize everything except certain prepositions, conjunctions, and others. You can use our automatic title generator to figure out which words to capitalize.

For example:

  • I played the board game Pandemic last night over Zoom.
  • How the Pandemic Will End

What about “Epidemic?”

The word “epidemic” follows the same rules as “pandemic.” It should only be capitalized when used in a title.

What about “World Pandemic?”

The phrase “world pandemic” follows the same guidelines as “pandemic.” It should only be capitalized when used in a title.

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