Is Olympics Capitalized?

The Olympics happen every two years, alternating between summer and winter. They are great world events that showcase the greatest athletes on the planet.  However, when reporting on them, do you capitalize the word Olympics? What about when “winter” or “summer?”

Is the word “Olympics” capitalized?

The word “Olympics” is always capitalized because the word refers to the series of events that are a proper noun.

For example, you would say “The next Olympics are in Tokyo this summer.”

You also should capitalize the words “Winter,” “Summer,” and “Games” when combined with the word “Olympic” or “Olympic.” For example, you would capitalize “Winter Olympics” and “Olympic Games.”

Did you know?

The word “Olympics” comes from the Greek word Olumpikos meaning ‘of Olympus or Olympia,’ both proper nouns. Because these words are proper nouns describing a place where the Olympics originated, any reference to the place should be capitalized as well. This is also true for the Olympic Mountains and Olympia in Washington State.



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