Is Noon Capitalized?

Capitalization will always be one of those topics that while simple at first glance can lead to a lot of questions and doubts. It makes us scratch our heads every once in a while since the rules can be confusing.

So, Is Noon Capitalized?

In short, no. There’s no real need or excuse to capitalize noon. Unlike other questions related to capitalization, noon has no special exceptions and as such can be easily explained through the basic rules of capitalization.

By default words aren’t capitalized. They must only be capitalized if they are at the start of a sentence, or if they are a proper noun. In other words, if they are a proper name or title. “Noon” on its own just refers to a time of the day, not a specific person or company. As such it’s not considered a proper noun and has no need to be capitalized on its own. The only moments where it should be capitalized is in the case it starts a sentence or when the word noon is part of a bigger title or name. For example the classic western film High Noon. As the title of a movie, it becomes a proper noun and gets capitalized.

In fact, certain writing guides even insist on making sure that any writers formally use noon in lowercase. In this case, due to the use of noon as a measure of time has to the abbreviations a.m and p.m. Sources that use a.m. and p.m. in lowercase often insist that the same is done for moments of the day such as noon and midnight. Which makes it all the more unlikely that you’ll ever see noon capitalized.


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