Is Good Afternoon Capitalized?


Greeting someone in the afternoon with a “Good Afternoon” is a great way to sound friendly and caring. But knowing whether and when the phrase is capitalized is challenging.

So, Is Good Afternoon Capitalized?

Generally, the phrase “good afternoon” is not capitalized when used in a sentence.

However, the phrase “good afternoon” is capitalized when used in an email exchange, especially when it is used as a salutation at the beginning of an email. Email salutations (Dear, Hi, Hello, etc.) are capitalized anyways and “good afternoon” is no exception. The same would apply for “good morning.”

Examples of Using Good Afternoon

“Good Afternoon, Mr. Kim!” said Jack when he got back from lunch. It was indeed a good afternoon and Jack got back to work right away by opening a new email and typing the following:

Good Afternoon,

Please find attached the report you were asking for.


In the paragraph above, all three examples of the phrase “good afternoon” were used. When Jack first walks back into the office, he greets his boss with a salutation so “good afternoon” is capitalized. In the next sentence, the phrase is used generically in a sentence so it is not capitalized. Finally, in the email, Jack once again uses “good afternoon” as a salutation so it is capitalized.


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  1. Thsnk you! Your explanation how and when to use the words was well easy to comprehend. Your exsmple sentemces gave me good grasp on when to or not to capatalize he words in a sentence and as greeting. I wjll continue to use this site as a resource when I need clarification to further gain knowledge of something in the English Language.


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