Is Church Capitalized?

Figuring out how whether or not the word church should be capitalized can sometimes be tricky. And in some circles, failing to follow the rules of capitalization is practically a sin. So how can you know when to capitalize church and when not to? It’s actually pretty easy if you follow these simple rules.

Church should be capitalized when it is the first word in the sentence as it is here. The word “church” should also be capitalized if you are mentioning the denomination of a specific church or using its proper name. For example, “Pope Francis is the current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church” or “He is a member of a Baptist Church.”

You don’t need to capitalize the word church if you are speaking about church in a general way. For example, “Sally goes to church every Sunday”. In this case, the word church is written in lowercase because it is not a proper noun.

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  1. Church is often also capitalized when it refers to the universal body of believers who have followed Jesus over history, not necessarily the local assembly.


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