Is “Best Regards” Capitalized?

We encounter salutations almost daily. Some of us more often than others, depending on the kind of work you do. If you work with people and have to reply and receive a tone of emails every day you have probably encountered phrases like “Best Regards” and “Best regards” quite often. But which one of them is correct? Can both forms work? Or is it the ancient Highlander tale of “There can be only one?” What is the answer to the question is best regards capitalized.

Cases When Best Regards Is Capitalized

There is only one can when you can capitalize both or every word and that is if they come in the salutations of an email or if you are more of a nostalgic romantic -a letter. That doesn’t only apply to “Best Regards,” but every other type of salutations that one could possibly write in the beginning of an email or letter. For example:

Best Regards

Kind Regards

Dear Assistant District Attorney

Dear Madam

Dear Sir

Cases When “Best Regards” Is Lowercase

When you are using “Best regards” as a closing to an email or letter, it is advisable that only the first word should be capitalized. That is true for “Best regards” and every other phrase that comes at the end of a letter or email, such as Sincerely yours, etc.

When Is It OK to Use “Best Regards” as a Closing of an Email or Letter

Picking the right words to close a letter or email can be though. It’s a struggle to fit the perfect words that will go with the tone of the rest of the email. If you want to use “Best regards” you should use it only if:

  • The client with who you are exchanging emails has already set an informal tone to your exchange
  • When you are in conversation with a client that you had for a few months now
  • When you are interacting with a colleague at work.

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