Is Anniversary Capitalized?

One of the most common causes for mistakes when it comes to capitalization is the idea that capitalization makes words look more official or important. While it’s true that capitalized words tend to be proper names, that isn’t really the intent behind it. And erroneous capitalization is as much of a mistake as forgetting to capitalize a word. Today’s topic is closely related to that idea, as we’ll try to answer is “anniversary” capitalized.

Is Anniversary Capitalized?

On its own, the answer is no. Anniversary does not have any special qualifications to be capitalized. Words are only capitalized in two main cases: when said word is the first in a sentence and when the word is a proper noun referring to a specific name or title. On its own anniversary is not a proper noun, it just refers to an idea. If the word anniversary is part of a larger title. For example, the 2014 film The Anniversary gets capitalized because it is a proper noun.

Most of the time, the word “anniversary” gets erroneously capitalized on its own due to the sense of importance we have added to it. Anniversaries are important dates and treated with a certain reverence, but that is not the proper purpose of capitalization. And people capitalizing it in regular writing or posters and the like are doing it due to a choice of style, not due to a correct grammatical rule, in short, it’s largely wrong.

There is however room for it to be capitalized in one specific context. And that is when we use it as part of a formal greeting or felicitation. In English, it’s commonly seen as correct to write Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary when used as that exclamation, but that’s an exception to the rule, and the only context where anniversary gets to be capitalized on its own.

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