Are Walt Disney World and Walt Disneyland Capitalized?

Both the names of Walt Disney World and Walt Disneyland should be capitalized. This is because they are proper nouns. Proper nouns, which are specific names of people, places, or things, should always be capitalized when used in a sentence. This sets them apart from common nouns, which are the more general way to speak of a thing. For example, the common nouns for these locations would be “amusement park,” “entertainment complex,” or “resort.”

Walt Disney World Resort is located near Orlando, Florida. Disneyland Park (its proper name) has a location in Anaheim, California, and an additional location in Paris, France. These amusement parks were created by The Walt Disney Company which was founded by Walt Disney. They are often abbreviated in writing and in speech to the more common “Disney World” and “Disneyland.” In fact, many people simply refer to either one as “Disney” as in, “We are going to Disney for vacation.” Listeners infer which park is being referred to based on the general location of the speaker, which is usually based on which coast of the United States is nearer at the time of the statement. Regardless, the name should always be capitalized.

Is Disneyland One or Two Words?

Note that Disneyland is not separated into two words; the name of the park is combined into one word. The “land” part of the word is not separately capitalized in this instance (DisneyLand), although some brands that combine words do choose to capitalize even in the middle of the word (such as DreamWorks and YouTube). This is because the founders of Disneyland Park chose to treat it as a single word rather than using bi-capitalization (also known as intercaps or camel case). Disney does use this occasionally, such as in its shopDisney online store, even though its regular storefront is called Disney store (without the extra capitalization).

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