Remove Line Breaks Online Tool

Our online tool automatically removes line breaks that were inserted incorrectly or inappropriately. Remove line breaks (including carriage returns (/r) and newline/line feeds (\n)), paragraph breaks, and even whitespace. You can also use our tool to create commas separated lists and more. Just enter your text and watch the line breaks disappear.

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How To Use Our Tool to Remove Line Breaks

  1. Change any settings you want on the right side by selecting how you want to separate the line breaks once you remove them.
    1. Separator: This setting specifies whether you want to separate the consolidated lines with spaces, commas, etc. We separate by spaces by default. You can choose commas to make comma separated lists.
    2. Remove Line Breaks: This setting will remove all line breaks on Windows and Mac. We remove \r\n (Windows), \n (Linux), and \r (Mac).
    3. Remove Paragraph Breaks: We remove paragraphs (two line breaks in a row).
    4. Remove Extra Spaces: Sometimes removing line breaks sometimes leads to extraneous double spaces. This setting removes those.
  2. Paste your text into the “Input” text box.
  3. Copy the text in the “Output” text box.
  4. It’s that simple.

How To Use Our Tool to Create a Comma Separate List

  1. Select the following settings:
      1. Separator: Change to “Comma.”
      2. Remove Line Breaks: Select this.
      3. Remove Paragraph Breaks: Select this.
  2. Paste your list into the “Input” text box.
  3. Copy the text in the “Output” text box.


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