Alphabetize a List in Alphabetical Order

Our free alphabetizer will automatically sort your list in alphabetical order, length order, and other ways.

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How To Use Our Alphabetizer

Our alphabetizer will sort your data alphabetically. We can handle newline delimited and comma-separated data. See below for the following options that we offer for alphabetically sorting our data.

Steps to use our alphabetizer

Follow these steps to alphabetize your data.

1. Select any settings you want such as the delimiter, removing duplicates, or removing extra line breaks.

2. Enter your data in the textbox on the left textbox.

3. Copy the sorted data in the right textbox.

How You Can Sort Data


We offer two ways to alphabetically sort your data including normal alphabetical order or reverse.

Length of String

Easily sort your data by the length of the string. Choose to place longer or shorter strings first.

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