The Meaning of the Acronym FBF

Nowadays we have all kinds of different acronyms that are used for instant messaging, text messaging, and emails. This allows us to communicate quickly. Although sometimes it can result in confusion over what every acronym means for people that aren’t as savvy about acronyms. FBF is one acronym commonly used on social media and messages. Do you know what it means?

What Does the Acronym FBF Mean?

The acronym FBF means “Flashback Friday” just like the shorter acronym FF. This is the more common meaning, although there are some other possible meanings to it as well.

When Did the Acronym Start Being Used?

FBF came after tbt, or throwback Thursday. The tbt acronym came into use in about the year 2011. FBF came into use after this in about the year 2012. Both of these have been trendy to use since their creation back in 2011 and 2012.

Other Meanings of the Acronym

A few other meanings of FBF have to do with other social media slang and with business names.

One other way FBF is used is to be a shorter name for the business FleetBoston Financial Corporation.

Another way to use FBF is to say Facebook friend. A lot of our friends on Facebook are not necessarily close friends with us in real life, so it’s common to differentiate between what constitutes as a Facebook friend and who is a friend to you in real life.

Sometimes people make up their own acronyms as well, so if you really aren’t sure what someone is trying to tell you, you can go ahead and ask them what they mean.

When to Use the Acronym

The acronym FBF is used by anyone who wants to share a memory on a Friday. Usually it’s a post of a picture. Sometimes they additionally do written posts using the FBF hashtag. Sometimes a hashtag isn’t used with the acronym though. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are popular social media sites where you’d see the acronym FBF. You might also see it in an instant message or a text message if someone is sharing a memory with you on a Friday.

Examples of Sentences Using the Acronym

Some sentences using the acronym would be something like: OMG #FBF. This would be used if the poster is surprised by a photo or slightly embarrassed but happy about a throwback photo that they shared. Or possibly: So much time has passed since then! #FBF. This sentence would be used for a very old picture. Or maybe the sentence: feeling nostalgic for these days #FBF. Someone might say this if they miss the time period when the photo was taken or miss doing whatever action is happening in the photo. Then there’s this possible sentence: Any guesses on when this was? #FBF. This sentence would be used most likely for a photo with friends or with family to see if they can remember when the photo was taken.

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