FF Meaning: What Does FF Mean?

Perhaps you’re among those that have seen the abbreviation FF in a text conversation or social media, not once or twice, but probably don’t know the FF meaning. Don’t worry, as this article will ensure you know both its meaning and how you can use it in a sentence.

What Does the Abbreviation “FF” Mean?

FF is an abbreviation for “Follow Friday”, a term that is widely used on a few social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. People use it mainly on social media, but it can also be found in texting, email, online chat, etc.

FFΒ is an opportunity for one to say thank you to their followers and also to recommend to the followers’ other people they can follow on Twitter. To pass the message across, just put the hashtag followed by FF, then the handles of people one is recommending.

One may wonder why Friday and not on any other day. First, on a lighter note, Friday is the only day in a week that starts with the letter F. However, jokes aside, that’s not why people use FF abbreviation on this particular day. In Twitter, just like Thursday is a day people go down the memory line, Friday is also set aside for people to show their love to fellow Twitter users by recommending other people’s Twitter handles to their followers. So, anyone using the hashtag #FF on any other day is either being sarcastic or has lost track of the days.

When Did FF Start Being Used?

Though there are various meanings of FF acronyms whose origins aren’t clear, that’s the beauty of the internet. Overall, the internet changed how people communicated. Maybe FF started way back with the rise of the internet in the 21st century, based on its other meanings that will be shown later on in this article. People nowadays prefer texting as opposed to the traditional ways of communication.

However, the FF acronym used in twitter started way back in 2009. This was after Micah Baldwin, the chief executive oFFicer at Graphicly, suggested it. He recommended that people begin tweeting people’s names they think their friends or followers should follow. And, to quickly find these suggested handles, people thought it wise to use a hashtag.

Initially, it was #Followfriday, but they soon shortened it to #FF. Those included in the #FF must feel really proud and flattered since someone thinks they’re interesting to follow. And to appreciate them, these people will also do their own Twitter FF posts mentioning them.

Follow Friday – FF is all about discovering new people and helping other people earn more followers. Using it on these social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter don’t require any form of registration, and anyone can use it. Most people take it as fun; no wonder you’ll see those mentioned also making their own separate FF posts to appreciate those that mentioned them first.

What Are the Other FF Meanings?

As mentioned above, people use FF in text messages, social media, emails, etc., to provide diFFerent meanings. Besides, follow Friday, commonly found in Twitter, below are other definitions of FF used in various platforms and situations.

  • In an email, FF is used to mean friends forever when sending a friendly email to your bosom friend. It’s an internet slang you both use to communicate.
  • On Facebook, people use FF to mean “Flashback Friday”, follow Friday just like in the Twitter case, or friends forever. It really depends on the post one does.
  • Friendly Fire – here, friendly fire is used to provide FF meaning in gaming when referring to the damages done to players on your team.
  • Final Fantasy – FF here is also used in a Japanese video game or gaming franchise platform, which is also the best selling in the world.
  • Fantasy Football – it’s widely used in the conversations between American football followers. Like, “would you like to join our FF league next year?
  • Firefox – is a technological word used in computing.
  • Following-used in a book or magazine to mean the following lines or pages. It simply means that the missing information can be found on the following pages.
  • Forfeit – also in gaming, FF, in this case, is used when one player or a particular team is now hopeless and doesn’t see themselves winning even if they progress. In this case, they can forfeit the game.

Example in a sentence showing two friends conversing; Lysh: I’m so disappointed. You people have really finished me with your FF. Lyn: Sorry about that. Let’s FF and get out of this place. In the first sentence, FF refers to a final fantasy game, while the second FF coming from Lyn suggests that they should quit and leave, referring to forfeit.

FF Usage

Twitter and Facebook users usually have a day per week to express their internet love to their social media friends and fans. It’s a day set aside basically for this purpose. If no one has ever mentioned you in their FF posts on either Facebook or Twitter, then you aren’t as influential as you ought to be. Though initially FF was intended for fun, advertisers now use it repeatedly to reach a greater audience, and its usage has really grown.
People use FF to show hopelessness in a gaming world and rather quit than proceed and waste more time or lose more money.
Here is an example of FF used in Twitter. FF in Twitter is now used as a marketing tool. However, it’s receiving critics from all corners since many people recommend hundreds of companies at the same time, leaving you confused about who to follow and who not to follow.

The Dos and Don’ts of FF in Social Media

The Dos

  • A proper way to do an FF post on Twitter is to send personal FF tweets. This way, you show all the details about the person you’re recommending to others to follow.
  • Those who have many followers can create a list on Twitter and call it hashtag FF. Add all the handles you want your followers to follow, then ask your followers to follow the people on that list.


  • Don’t recommend anyone to your followers without any reason, no matter the temptation.
  • You could be tempted to recommend everyone on your list, but please don’t do it. Your timeline will look untidy and spammy to even look at.

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