Successful vs. Successfull: What Is the Right Spelling?

We hear the word “successful” in our everyday lives. But when it comes to spelling, many of us are unsure between successful vs. successfull. While it may make sense to use the latter, the correct spelling is with a single “l.”

Successful Meaning: What Is It?

Before diving in to correct spelling of successful, let’s break down the word “successful” first. It comes from the word “success” and the suffix “-ful.”

Success means accomplishment while the suffix “-ful” is “full of.” If you combine these two together, you get the adjective “successful” which means achieving the intended goal.

But what is its etymology or origin?

The Romans and other Latin speakers used “successus” to describe a “good result” or “happy outcome.” It can also mean to prosper or become victorious. In the late 19th century, the meaning of both “success” and “successful” are associated with wealth and financial-related prosperity.

Using Successful in a Sentence

When considering how to use “successful” in a sentence, keep in mind that people crafted other words from it, including the adverb “successfully” and the noun “successfulness.” You might also want to create sentences that contain the root “success.”

Linguistic experts believe that regular practice can help a person use and spell a word correctly. You can become more “successful” at using this and other related and similar words by reviewing and learning from the below sentence examples:


  • I hope that you’re successful with your every endeavor in the future.
  • She believes that she can never be seen as successful enough in the eyes of her family.
  • They successfully solved the game’s final puzzle challenge and won the grand prize.
  • I hope that you achieve a successful outcome with your experiment and achieve the acclaim that you deserve.
  • The couple’s success came after they sold their home and produced a podcast from their RV for a year while traveling all over the country.

Successful vs Successfull: How to Spell Successful?

Image showing the correct spelling of successful vs successfull

Many people type “successfull meaning,” “succesful” and “succesfull” on search engines only to discover that it’s incorrect.

Historically, Old and Middle English language users placed the modified “full” at the beginning of other words as “ful-.” Yet, in Old English, people also commonly used “-full” at the end of words without dropping the “l,” which later caused spelling confusion.

Some English learners experience additional confusion because several foreign languages, including Old Norse, retain the second “l” with similar words like “-fullr.”

As for “succesful,” the misspelling occurs because we don’t pronounce the second “s.” So, some spell the word by matching how it sounds.

Trick to Remembering the Spelling

If you are still having a hard time using the right spelling for the word “successful,” you should keep in mind that the suffix is always “-ful.” Just like when you say someone is beautiful or cheerful. Or, if your work is stressful that you might feel slightly resentful.

Final Thoughts: Successful vs Successfull?

Now that you understand the difference “successful vs. successfull,” we hope that you are able to use the correct spelling which is “successful.” And remember, if you are still making the spelling error, just remember the suffix “ful.”

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