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British writer M.R. Hall created a series of mysteries and suspense novels built around the Jenny Cooper character. The series includes seven novels and a prequel. All of the books were published before 2014, except the last one published in 2016. Cooper, the central character of all the stories, is featured in all the books as the Severn Vale District coroner in the county Gloucestershire, South West England. The books are extremely popular so you want to make sure that you are reading the Jenny Cooper books in the best reading order.

Jenny Cooper Books in Order: Recommended Reading Order

The Jenny Cooper series consists of seven books and a prequel. Even though the prequel was written after the first three books were published, we recommend reading it first.

1. The Innocent (2012) – Prequel
2. The Coroner (2009)
3. The Disappeared (2009)
4. The Redeemed (2011)
5. The Flight (2012)
6. The Chosen Dead (2013)
7. The Burning (2014)
8. A Life to Kill / The Last Post (2016)

About the Autor M.R. Hall

M.R. Hall is a British novelist and screenwriter. He’s been held in high regard for a number of years now. His specialty as a novelist lies in the thriller genre, although he’s also made a name for himself as a publicist and a screenwriter – his television shows have even earned him a BAFTA. His works are as suspenseful as they are well-paced. .

Early Life and the Beginning of His Career

M.R. Hall was born on May 1st in 1967. The acclaimed writer grew up in the city of London, where his surroundings would eventually influence and inspire him to achieve the success he found later in life.

Hall received his education at the Hereford Cathedral School, and later the Worcester College at Oxford. There he achieved his law degree, while finding himself subject to powerful insights into the legal system and the mechanics of the justice system. It was this experience that would enable Hall to craft his novels and screenplays with such depth and topical accuracy.

In 1990 Hall was summoned to serve at the Bar, and later on he would find employment as a barrister. By 1995 he had established himself as a full-fledged writer.

Hall was able to stay engaged in a variety of activities due to his skills and learning. He even founded a production company still active today called One Eyed Dog. He presides over the enterprise alongside fellow author G.F. Newman. On occasion, Hall also participates in amateur boxing, another passion of his. His first bout occured in 2014. In addition, he works with his wife, acclaimed journalist Patricia Carswell, to conserve over 16 acres of land in his ownership.

Hall’s debut novel was dubbed “The Coroner”. It was the first title in his Jenny Cooper series. The sequel, “The Disappeared”, was released within twelve months, cementing his legacy as a prolific writer. Eight more books quickly followed, and his reputation grew internationally.

Current Projects

These days, Hall is communicating with film studios in the United States. It seems like he may be zeroing in on the big screen. His characters and narratives are made for film, and he’s raking in awards in the meantime.

It’s clear that Hall is nowhere near the end of his incredible career. His words have left a lasting impact and will continue to command the respect of countless loyal fans around the world.

Jenny Cooper Book Summaries and Plots

Below are the storylines for each of the seven Jenny Cooper books and prequel. All of the books center around Jenny Cooper, who is depicted as a coroner living in Severn Vale, Gloucestershire.

Prequel: The Innocent

A damaged family lawyer ten years ago, Jenny finds herself in the most daunting of situations after a fourteen-year-old girl in her custody is hit by a train. Both the girl’s family and the police seem to be hell-bent on proving Jenny’s guilt. Getting to the bottom of Natasha’s horrific death is a difficult task that will require a gripping courtroom fight.

Book 1: The Coroner

Published in 2009 by MacMillan Books, the first title in the series by M.R. Hall is “The Coroner.” This particular piece’s premise is Coroner Cooper’s introduction as a coroner who is a flawed, middle-aged woman who investigates suspicious deaths. As we find out, the character Jenny is divorced from her husband, David. He has his issues as a seemingly selfish and overly ambitious man. As a result of the union, they have a teenage son Ross. During the novel, we discover Jenny has some addictions and has sought therapy for childhood trauma.

In the novel’s opening sequence, the body of a troubled teenage boy, Danny, is found in a shelter for juveniles, presumed to have hanged himself. Soon after that, a girl, Katy Taylor, passes away from a drug-addicted overdose. Following the two deaths, Coroner Harry Marshall was assigned to investigate; he died suddenly of natural causes. To take the place of Marshall in the investigative coroner’s role is none other than Coroner Cooper. In her new position, she is called upon to solve the mystery behind the two deaths and the previous coroner’s death. She has to dive into questions like: why was the previous coroner acting so strangely before he died? Had he uncovered some injustice?

In her new position, she hoped to make some quiet reflection over her life and the divorce; however, she finds that Marshall has left a mess in more ways than one. His pattern of the investigation was confusing and suspicious. She discovers several forgotten files containing several hidden details and the trails of vital buried facts.

Jenny Cooper starts to wonder if the young boy’s horrific death in custody had anything to do with the teen girl’s accidental overdose. She also questions whether Harry Marshall’s death had anything to do with the two events. Her interest grows as she discovers more about Harry Marshall’s odd actions just before his passing. He seemed to be intending to disclose prior wrongdoing, although it was unclear why he suddenly changed his mind. Cooper takes a risky and solitary path toward obtaining justice despite shadowy and influential powers which seem determined to keep the secret reality from being unveiled while keeping watch over her every move. To resolve the mystery of the cases, she risks her livelihood, reputation, and life.

Book 2: The Disappeared

Published in 2009 through Simon and Schuster, the second title in the series by M.R. Hall is “The Disappeared.” The novel continues to follow the character Coroner Cooper from the first novel. The setting remains the Severn Vale district in Gloucestershire.

Rafi Hassan and Nazim Jamal went missing without a trace in the opening sequence of this book, and it is taking a lot of effort to locate them. Their parents find out later that the police were surveilling both of them. With that in mind, the police say they would likely have fled the country to follow their current negative values. Even after seven years have passed since the case, Nazim Jamal’s bereaved mother refuses to accept that her son has left the country. She looks to Coroner Cooper as her only chance for locating her son and his friend Rafi Hassan, who has also gone missing. Cooper steadily fits into her new position as the coroner for the Severn Vale area. She’s now been able to put down the demons of her turbulent past and make a new way for herself. Despite her efforts to resume the inquiry into Jamal and Rafi’s disappearances, the situation of conspiracies and corruption surrounding her continues to worsen.

Coroner Cooper is starting to feel a sense of intimidation by her organization’s commanding officers, who introduce an intense code of secrecy concerning the two English students’ disappearance. Cooper is stretched to the limit of her capabilities. She never imagined that she would confront the buried mysteries of her own past existence as she tried to expose the questions behind the young students’ disappearance. Cooper, therefore, had not anticipated having to deal with the pressures of her department’s deception and misconduct. Yet, despite her life’s struggles, she never loses faith and tries to follow the case wherever it ends.

Book 3: The Redeemed

In The Redeemed, a cross is found carved into the flesh of a man’s body in a forgotten graveyard in Bristol, England. At first, it seems to Jenny to be a simple suicide. Jenny’s attempt to discover the truth about Eva Donaldson, a prominent political activist. Over the past year, a young man, Paul Craven, was found guilty of violently murdering Eva. Even though Craven was found guilty, Father Lucas believes that the accused man is innocent. In Jenny’s inquiries into Eva’s disappearance, she will stumble across an organization with huge religious significance and the way it manipulates others. It is discovered later that Jenny has uncovered more than she anticipated.

Book 4: The Flight

With this book, Cooper embarks on a mind-bending journey. As Flight 189 crashes into the Severn Estuary, Coroner Cooper is charged with the investigation. The investigation involved the disappearance of a sailor whose boat seems to have sunk by the distressed aircraft. It also includes the unexplained death of Amy Patterson, a little girl traveling on the plane. Their remains were washed up together. Jenny must compete against the clock to discover the truth, despite being challenged by Amy’s weeping mother and being resisted by many at the top government level.

Book 5: The Chosen Dead

As Cooper explores a man’s tragic fall from a roadway bridge, she would have no idea it has anything to do with a friend’s teenage daughter’s unexpected death from a lethal strain of meningitis. Jenny is pulled into suspense, whose sinister shock waves extend through continents and over decades as she stitches everything together of the dead man’s final days.

Book 6: The Burning

When the coroner was summoned to a terrible accident scene, a thick cloud covered the Wye Valley. There’s been a fatal fire in Blackstone’s small town, where three family members have died. Evidence of wrongdoing is discovered easily, but it is quickly brought to an end by the police investigation. It is obvious that one of the victims, Ed Morgan set the fire out of jealousy. However, an infant boy remains unaccounted for, and Ed Morgan left a message indicating to his wife that the child would not be found. Corner Cooper sets out to resolves this mystery; she is uncertain of many of the facts surrounding the event.

Book 7: A Life to Kill / The Last Post

The last British fighting soldiers in Helmand are counting down the days before they can head home. However, tragedy hits in the final moments. Private Pete Lyons, 19, is kidnapped, and the team sent out to find him is ambushed. Two people were murdered, while two were injured, and another has gone missing. Their families are trapped in a futile search for clues that the Army can not give. Their only chance is Coroner Cooper, who will take on the government’s military to prevent the facts from being buried alongside the young soldiers.


Jenny Cooper gets her strength from her unwavering determination, which allows her to conquer all challenges and accomplish everything she desires to achieve. Both of the series’ first novels became hugely popular around the world. The novels’ popularity allowed writer M.R. Hall to get a lot of positive reviews from both readers and reviewers. He was admired by his professional colleagues, who urged him to finish the remaining books in the series. The motivation paid off handsomely for him, and he went on to write additional books in the series, most of which were a great hit. The book series about the character Coroner Coroner Cooper was adapted and made into a television show. The television adaptation is titled β€œCoroner” and is produced by CBC in Toronto then distributed by Cineflix globally.

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