Get Free eBooks & Audiobooks from Your Library Using OverDrive

If you like reading eBooks or listening to audiobooks, you will find OverDrive a handy app. Developed by OverDrive, Inc., this freeware application lets you borrow digital books and audiobooks from your local public library or school library. You can read or listen to these digital resources for free on your web browser or any Android, iOS, and Windows-based mobile device. 

Nowadays, libraries are not living in the past. They know how to leverage technology to accommodate modern readers. Therefore, numerous public and school libraries have partnered with the OverDrive app to give their readers access to their digital resources.  

If you’re new to the OverDrive app and struggling to get free eBooks and audiobooks, read this guide until the end. 

How to get free eBooks & audiobooks using the Libby OverDrive app?

OverDrive gives you various options to access digital content. For instance, you can use the Overdrive mobile app, Libby mobile app, or you can directly enjoy eBooks and audiobooks in your browser. 

Since using the Libby mobile app is one of the easiest ways to access digital books and audiobooks via Overdrive, we will explain this method only.

Libby OverDrive is a user-friendly app that you can download from Google Play Store (if you’re an Android user) or App Store (if you’re an iPhone user) for free. By using the Libby app, you can access your local library’s books in digital and audio versions. You can choose from thousands of hand-selected digital resources. The app allows you to use catalog guides, curated lists, subjects to find the audiobooks and eBooks of your taste.

Prerequisite to Use the Libby app by OverDrive

  • Desktop, smartphone, tablet, Kindle device, or MP3 device ( if you want to listen to audiobooks)
  • Local library card number and email address.

Note: It might take a few attempts to get your first free eBook and audiobook.

Steps to Install and Use the Libby App

  1. Go to your device’s app store and install the Libby app.
  2. Open the app and look for your local public library. You can search for the library by name, city, or Zipcode. 
  3. Explore your library’s collection and borrow the eBook or audiobook you find interesting. However, for the same, you will need to sign in with your 14-digit library card number and PIN. 
  4. Now you can download all the borrowed titles (which will appear on your Shelf) to read them when you’re offline. 
  5. From your Shelf, you can even start reading or listening to your titles immediately. Moreover, you can send them to your Kindle device. 

Every content collection on OverDrive is slightly different because each library chooses what content it wants its users to have access to, but all digital resources are treated similarly to physical books. 

Every library on the app allows you to check out a set number of eBooks and audiobooks using a legitimate library card number. If you want a book, which is already checked out, you can raise your requests on the waiting list. You will automatically be informed when the current reader has returned their copy.  

Advantages of using Libby App include:

  • You get free access to a large number of eBooks and audiobooks. However, you must have a library card for the library you want to check out from. 
  • Automatic renewals and returns.
  • You get offline support.

If for any reason, you’re not able to download or use the Libby app, you can visit in your web browser. The website supports almost all prominent browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

By visiting, you can read all the borrowed eBooks right into your web browser with a single mouse click. You don’t need to download any software.


Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions

How to check out titles from OverDrive?

You can check out the titles by clicking on their covers. If the title is available, you can click on “Borrow.” If you’re using the Libby app, your title will load immediately. However, if you have a general OverDrive app, you will need to go to your “Loans” page and choose a download format. After that, your title will start loading, then you can go to your “Bookshelf” to access your title. 

To know more about how to check out and download titles, you may also visit the OverDrive Digital Help page.

For how many days can you borrow an eBook or audiobook?

The lending period is 21 days, but you can adjust the time to 7 or 14 days if you don’t need the full 21 days. You may check out up to 25 titles simultaneously. 

How do I get an eBook on my Kindle?

The Libby app not only allows you to read eBooks and audiobooks but also enables you to send them to your Kindle device. You have to select the option, “Read Now with Kindle,” but you will need to select a Kindle-formatted eBook. 

How can I read PDF eBooks in the OverDrive app?

Unfortunately, OverDrive doesn’t support PDF eBooks. However, if you have borrowed a PDF eBook, you download it to the Adobe PDF Reader on your computer and then transmit it to your eReader. 

OverDrive is an excellent app that gives you access to your nearby public library without having to physically go there. You can use this app to borrow digital content such as eBooks and audiobooks anytime and anywhere. The app also allows you to sync your borrowed digital resources across multiple devices.

Around 16,000 libraries and 10,000 school libraries in the United States are associated with OverDrive. In addition to audiobooks and eBooks, you can also use this app to borrow streaming videos.

If you want to get free eBooks and audiobooks from your local library, try this fantastic app. Hopefully, this guide helps you how to use OverDrive to get free eBooks and audiobooks. 

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