How Do You Abbreviate Parkway?

if you’re addressing a letter or trying to find directions, you may need to know how to abbreviate the word parkway. In this article, we’ll explain how to abbreviate the word.

Definition of Parkway

A broad landscaped thoroughfare. This is the definition of the word parkway. This definition is taken from the very reputable and trusted Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

This word is used throughout most of North America, but it is not something that you will come across everywhere you go. Parkways are named as such because they pertain to roads that run through parks or that connect parks. These roads may also be off-limits to heavy-duty vehicles such as semi-trucks.

Abbreviation of Parkway

There are multiple ways to abbreviate the word parkway. These abbreviations are as such:

  • PKWY
  • PKY

While there are multiple abbreviations for the term parkway, there is one that is widely accepted as the correct abbreviation. The most accepted abbreviation for parkway is PKWY. This is viewed as the correct abbreviation by USPS and is therefore used the most as the parkway abbreviation.

Synonyms for Parkway

Due to the vagueness and ambiguity of this term, many individuals mix up a parkway with other similar terms. The synonyms of parkway are as such:

  • artery
  • avenue
  • boulevard
  • expressway
  • highway
  • pathway
  • roadway
  • route
  • thoroughfare
  • alley
  • byway
  • drive
  • passage
  • throughway
  • thruway
  • turnpike
  • backstreet

These are all of the synonyms for parkway and can be found on here. The most common words that are thrown around when talking about a parkway are expressway, highway, and roadway. These three terms represent very similar things along with parkway, which leads to many people to use them interchangeably with one another.

When to Use the Parkway Abbreviation

The word parkway will most commonly be found when talking about urban planning and architecture. However, you will not always see the term abbreviated. The proper time to abbreviate the word parkway is when you address an envelope, fill out an address on any kind of form, when inputting an address in any kind of map service, and most formal documents that require the word since it is widely recognized. You may also want to abbreviate the word when space is limited in the title of a publication.

Examples of Sentences Using the Parkway Abbreviation

The following examples of sentences using the abbreviation for parkway are referring to actual parkways that exist within the United States.

Example #1: We were driving Tennessee and decided to stop in Memphis to go and see Graceland. When we were leaving Memphis we had to go through the Memphis Pkwy System, and it was very confusing to navigate since we had never been there before.

Example #2: I was brushing up on the presidents of the United States and I learned something new about Ronald Reagan. I knew that he had been an actor and the Governor of California prior to becoming president. However, I learned that there is the Ronald Reagan Pkwy in Indiana.

Example #3: Also, while I was brushing up on the United States presidential history, I learned something about president Harry S. Truman. I knew that he was the 33rd president and that he had served in the United States Army. However, I did not know that there was Harry S. Truman Pkwy in Savannah, Georgia.

All of these are examples of the abbreviation for parkway being used in written text. The abbreviation can also be used when addressing an envelope to someone. An address such as 1554 Midway Pkwy could be written as such if you were to send mail to someone that lived at this address.


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