The Meaning of HML: What It Is and How To Use It

You may have come across the acronym HML in a text message or on social media. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

What Does HML Mean?

There are two meanings of HML:

  • hate my life
  • hit my line

Hate My Life

Commonly, HML is used in terms of “hate my life.” This statement is used by an individual or a sender when he is not happy with his surroundings, or he is unhappy because of certain situations which he cannot control. In such scenarios, HML has the exact meaning just like the abbreviation I hate my life, i.e., IHML, which is the opposite of abbreviation LML, i.e., love my life.

A person can use it in highly stressed conditions when an individual has many submissions pending, but he wants to celebrate Christmas, he or she can say IFHML which means “I (F-word) hate my life.”

Hit My Line

HML is also used in place of calling me, i.e., Hit my Line. It explains the situations when a sender wants to move ahead from text messages to phone calls, or he wants the next person to call him. It is an informal way of conveying this message to an individual waiting for their call.

On a few different selected social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, HML is used frequently as a response to a routine setback, i.e., forgot my wallet in the casino again #HML.

It can be used to express frustration and anxiety. It can also be used to exaggerate something or an event self-deprecatory. HML also helps users change the tone of their statement in terms of hashtags such as #HML.

It is also used as a grammar alternate for the phrase “hate my life,” i.e., I have my final submission on Sunday, and I HML.

HML for hit my line is used in terms of a request when people want their friends to continue the conversation over the call. HML acronym is also used to convey a direct message or criticize something or someone, i.e., when a person wants things more than a relationship and wants to ask the other for an online private chat. HML and hit my line are both referred to as black slang.

Other Meanings of HML

Other meanings of the acronym HML involves:

  • Hit Me Later
  • Hollings Marine Laboratory
  • How Many Lifers?
  • Hard Money Lender (real estate)
  • Hot Monkey Love
  • Hazardous Material List
  • Hellfire Missile Launcher
  • Help Me, Lord

Origin of HML

In pop culture and western countries, using acronyms for fast and easy texting is very common. There was a need to have the opposite of loving my life or slang LML or another intense term known as FML, i.e. (F-word) my life. Those reasons led to the origin of ‘hml’ in the early period of the 2000s. It became a part of the urban dictionary in the year 2006. The acronym gained importance and became part of social media platforms, i.e., Twitter, in 2008.

There are possibilities that hit my line can be a part of the hip hop world as it can be used as slang for the term call me. It has also appeared in songs, i.e., in the lyrics of Drake.
Is HML casual or formal?

There are two meanings of HML as described above. One is hit my line, and the other is hate my life. On different social media platforms, HML is used as Hate my life which is the standard definition of this acronym. It is an initialize abbreviation which means that it is being pronounced by using all of its letters. It is mainly used to reflects efficiency in writing, not in speech. It is a standalone annotative statement which means that in broader sentences it is not used as a part of long sentences. Before globalization and digitalization, people used to say Life sucks instead of using this acronym HML having meaning hate my life.

How Can HML Be Used in a Sentence?

This term HML has two meanings. The first one is hit my line, which is a way for teenagers to ask someone to call or text. The second one is a dark meaning which includes hating my life. It is an easy way for teenagers to convey feelings of stress and anxiety during some bad circumstances.
Hit my line- when a person wants to talk to someone
Hate my life- when a person doesn’t want to explain things
My parents knew about my results, I HML.
It is a retarded way to say text me to a person
I’m going on vacation with my family. I’ll get bore. You please HML.

Conversation Examples

How the slang hate my life is used on social media platforms
Talk between two persons over texting;
1st person: Sam is with Andy right now
2nd person: really. Amazing
1st person: I HML
1st person explains that how they hate their life. Their best friend is seeing a girl they do not like.
How the slang hit my line is used
Talk between two persons over texting;
1st person: hey Anna, I have a night shift today
2nd person: I’ll come to see you
1st person: Great, just HML its more than enough

A boy is telling his girl that he has a night shift, and the girl says;
Anna: Are you coming to the Christmas party?
Ran: I cannot. I have a submission tomorrow. HML.
Sale: When will you be back from work?
Jane: I don’t know. I have a lot of pending work. Just HML.

What are Synonyms for HML?

Some other internet acronyms that have a similar meaning to HML are listed below:
CM – Call Me
TM – Text Me
KIT – Keep In Touch
LIH – Life Is Hard
MLS – My Life Sucks

There are also some non-acronyms one can use in place of HML that could be well suited to different circumstances.
Call me
Text me
Stay in touch
Correspond with
My bad
Life sucks
Life is hard


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