Hangman Word Generator

Our hangman words generator will generate random words for playing hangman. Just click “Generate Hangman Words” to get started! You can also press “ENTER” to generate a new word.


How Do You Use Our Hangman Word Generator

    1. Select the settings you want below the word generator.
    2. Click “Generate Hangman Words” button.
    3. See the hangman words in the text box below the box.

How to Play Hangman

Hangman is a common game played by kids with the goal of guessing words. One person picks a word for the others to guess. They draw a gallows and underlined spaces for each character of the word.  The other people take turns guessing letters of the word. For every right answer, the leader puts the letter above the underlined space. For each incorrect answer, the leader draws a body part on the gallows. Traditional games can have up to six incorrect answers corresponding to the head, torso, arms, and legs. The more complex a word, the more body parts the leader may choose to draw including feet, fingers, and hands.

Best Way to Guess Hangman Words

Just like with Wheel of Fortune, vowels help a lot on hangman. You should guess with vowels first, especially E and A, because they have a high likelihood of filling up the spaces. The next most common letters you should guess are T, R, S, L, N, P, and D.

For example, if the word “MEAT” had four letters and you guessed E and A first, you would already have _EA_ filled out with only two guesses.

What Makes a Good Hangman Word

A great hangman word is long, so it takes a while to guess and includes less common letters including Y and Z. A word like QUARTZ will go a lot farther than a word like MEAT above. You can always length common words like BOOK to BOOKKEEPER to make it more challenging to guess.

What Are the Most Common Letters in the English Language?

The most common letters in English are E, A, and R. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the following letters appear in the following percentages of words:

1. E – 11.1607%

2. A – 8.4966%

3. R – 7.5809%

4. I – 7.5448%

5. O – 7.1635%

6. T – 6.9509%

7. N – 6.6544%

8. S – 5.7351%

9. L – 5.4893%

10. C – 4.5388%

What Are Some Hard Hangman Words?

Hard hangman words use less common letters and are typically longer. All of the words below include a combination of these two traits. Notice how many of the words below include the letters X, V, Z, or Q. Here are some of the hardest hangman words to guess:

  • bayou
  • jazzy
  • haphazard
  • blizzard
  • espionage
  • jukebox
  • microwave
  • oxygen
  • vortex
  • zephyr
  • zombie
  • xylophone
  • whizzing
  • sphinx
  • quizzes

How to Play Hangman Virtually

Hangman is typically played by colocated players on a whiteboard or chalkboard. However, given the current situation, playing virtually has become an increasingly popular option. Below are various ways to play hangman virtually.

Use a Virtual Whiteboard

Use a virtual whiteboard like whiteboard.fi to keep track of which letters have been guessed and your drawing of the hanged man. Virtual whiteboards let you instantaneously share a drawing with anyone else who has access to the whiteboard.

The same effect can be achieved by using Paint, or other image application, and screen share through a video call.

Use an Online Hangman Game

There are a number of online hangman games. Just do a Google search for “Hangman.” However, if you want to play with friends, there are only a few options to choose from. The following sites allow multiplayer games of Hangman: