DIY Meaning: What Does DIY Mean?

DIY has become a well-known acronym. As such, many times the DIY meaning is not explained in an article, a website, or a video. The author assumes everyone knows what it means. While it may be true that a vast majority can identify the letters, that does not mean that everyone knows its meaning.

For an author, it is a good idea to spell out the meaning at the first usage, and then insert the acronym in parenthesis. That ensures everyone is on the same page.

What Does DIY Mean?

DIY means “do it yourself.” That does not necessarily mean that a person does not have help. For example, a person who has a leaky faucet made decide to use the DIY route. They go to the hardware store and purchase the necessary tools and parts. They read books or watch videos about DIY when it comes to fixing a faucet.

When it comes to actually performing the task, a person may invite a neighbor, co-worker, or relative to help. Many DIY projects require more than one person to complete.

The key element of the definition of DIY is the lack of a paid professional helping. DIY means a person is not going to hire someone who repairs faucets for a living. The person is simply going to do it himself with possible help from a non-professional.

When Did the Acronym Start Being Used?

It is not entirely clear when the term came into use. However, it become common beginning in the 1950s. It has grown in usage to the point where there are sections of stores called the DIY part. As pointed out earlier, it has been used so much that everyone assumes everyone else knows its meaning.

The concept of doing repairs without hiring a professional is an old idea. People have always done this. Mainly it was to save money. A secondary reason was to make sure the job was accomplished just the way a person wanted it to be.

Another reason for DIY is the satisfaction of completing a task. It can be similar to a hobby. An individual might build shelves not to make money but simply for the enjoyment.

Other DIY Meaning

It is difficult to find another meaning. A person might find the acronym with periods after each letter. This does not alter the meaning. A hyphen can also be placed between the letters in some settings. Again, it is clear. DIY means performing any task normally done for pay by a professional.

When to Use DIY

A person uses this acronym any time someone decides to take out a job without the assistance of a professional. There are DIY books, articles and videos. There are stores, both physical and online, that specialize in DIY projects. They all use the acronym to alert individuals that this is a place for the DIY person.

Examples of Sentences Using DIY

  • Do you have a DIY project planned this weekend?
  • Where can information about plumbing DIY repairs be found?
  • My friend is a DIY expert at most any project.
  • How much money can be saved in a DIY repair of a dryer?
  • Just type in DIY ideas in a search engine and be amazed at the results.

This article has shown how the DIY meaning has become so part of the English language that it no longer requires an explanation. Keep in mind that the word “yourself” is not to be taken literally. A person can have a helper or two and still have a DIY project.

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