Department Abbreviation: How Is It Abbreviated?

Department is a fascinating word. It conjures up many meanings and can describe multiple facets of life. Department abbreviation is commonly written as “Dept.” That spelling would be easy for many people to associate the abbreviation with the word. That is ultimately one reason for the existence of an abbreviation.

What Are the Definitions of Department?

Department can have several meanings depending upon context. For example, a large organization has several departments. The United States government has a Defense Department, a State Department, and many other departments. They serve as a way of dividing up responsibility.

A person can also resemble a large entity. There would be the brains department, the beauty department, and the personality department.

Another definition involves an individual’s area of expertise. An attorney may says that his or her department is the law.

Finally there is a Department store. To qualify, a business must have several separate areas. Examples are the men’s, women’s, and children’s department.

How Do You Abbreviate Department?

As discussed above, department is abbreviated as:

  • Dept.
  • Dpt.
  • Depts.

The plural form of the abbreviation is depts. Removing the period after the abbreviation and the abbreviation “Dpt” are usually only used for shorthand notes.

This abbreviation takes the first three letters of department and adds a “t” at the end. They are vital to conveying meaning to individuals. It then skips to the last letter. While there may be other words in the English language that begin with “dep” and in a “t,” it is unlikely many people will be confused by this abbreviation.

When used in an acronym, such as DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), you can just use a D to represent the word “department”.

Why There Are Numerous Synonyms of the Word?

A corporation or governmental entity may prefer for a variety of reasons to name their departments with a different title. That could explain the number of synonyms of the word. A job seeker may visit the Personnel Office which is the department that handles any matter relating to employees.

Other examples of synonyms include unit, compartment, branch, segment, subdivision, office, branch, and bureau. A firm can combine synonyms. There is a branch office of our firm in Los Angeles. This means that one department of the company is located in the California city.

How the Abbreviation Is Used

Abbreviations are simply an easy and simple way to convey a word. This applies to verbal and written communication. A business in a formal context would not use an abbreviation. Letterheads almost always spell out the entire word. A quick note, on the other hand, may well say “Accounting Dept.”

When visiting the local county courthouse, be on the lookout for signs that carry the word Dept. A typical county will have a large number of departments. Each has a specialized function within the larger county.

It goes without saying but here it is anyway. Do not use the abbreviation and the full name together. It would be wrong to say the Dept. of Accounting Department.

Examples of Sentences Using the Abbreviation

Below are some examples of using the abbreviation of department in sentences:

  • Belk is a large dept. store chain in North Carolina.
  • Go to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles to obtain an automobile title or a driver’s license.
  • The State Dept. is responsible for relations with other countries.

Look for the abbreviation Dept. whenever visiting a large store, governmental agency, or corporate headquarters. The term will indicate a branch or segment of the whole enterprise.

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