How to Abbreviate Business

When brevity is needed, it is sometimes necessary to abbreviate the word “business” to save space. In this article we will teach you how to abbreviate the word “business,” but let’s first start with a definition.

Definition of Business

The word business has a few meanings, but once you look past the surface you’ll realize most of them are integrally tied to the idea of commerce and the economy; nonetheless, for the sake of clarity we will list the most important ones below:

  • The activity of buying and/or selling goods and/or services
  • A specific company that is in the area of goods and/or services
  • Work that earns a person money

As we can see all of these meanings go back to the same idea, working and selling. The key differences being that business can be the act, the occupation and the companies, so it’s a rather versatile word in that sense.

Additionally, the word business can also be used to refer to the things that personally matter to you, an use we see in phrases such as “Mind your own business” but this won’t be the focus of this article, so it’s not something that we’ll delve into too deeply.

Some Important Businesses Abbreviations

The most common way to abbreviate business itself is “biz.”

While this might seem a little bit random at first the reasoning is pretty clear. Biz provides the sound the first syllable of business makes, and if we used “bus.” instead most people would quite simply think of a bus. Hence why biz. took off on its stead.

That said businesses have a lot of jobs, positions and important concepts on the sidelines, and all of them have important abbreviations that are common across the entire industry, so on that spirit we’ll try to cover the most important ones briefly. So you too can understand them when you see them being used. Do note however that we won’t list words such as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) since they are acronyms and not abbreviations.

  • Bookeper > BKPR
  • Account > ACCT
  • Budget > BGT
  • Capital > CPTAL
  • Percent > PC
  • Paid > Pd

Synonyms for Business

Some common synonyms for business are: Trade, Field, Work, Employment and Occupation.

As usual, however, these synonyms might work for one meaning and not all, so you should make sure to mind the context when looking for a word to replace business.

When it comes to the other concepts we brought up before, while synonyms do exist we heavily recommend against using them in a business context. Economics are rather precise matters, and these terms are commonly agreed across the entire industry. So for the sake of clarity, it’s better to leave them intact.

When to Use the Abbreviations

Abbreviations as a general rule are meant to be used to save on space or avoid repetition, but due to the nature of the Business industry most of these abbreviations will be found in official reports and the like. The point with them is to avoid repeating the same terms ad nauseum, so expect to see them and use them a lot when sending official communications and reports about a business.

Some Examples of When to Use the Abbreviations

  • Melanie is in the music biz.
  • Please transfer all our money to the abroad ACCT.
  • The company will undergo a BGT restructuring.


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