Capitalize My Title Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

We have some great shortcuts here on Capitalize My Title that will help you use the tool more effectively. This list will continue to grow as we add new features.

Copy Your Titles by Pressing “Enter”

Instead of using your mouse to click the “Copy” button, simply press the “Enter” key to quickly copy what you have typed in the text box.

Quickly Capitalize Your Title in the Address Bar

Capitalizing With Your Currently Selected Style

Have a title that you quickly want to capitalize? Just enter “” into your address bar followed by your title and Capitalize My Title will automatically load with your title capitalized.

Example: the Title Capitalization

Capitalizing With a Certain Style

In order to capitalize with a certain style, you can use one of the style links below and just append ?title= to the end of the url.

For example, to capitalize the same title in MLA style, enter this URL in the address bar: the Title Capitalization

Adding Capitalize My Title as a Search Engine in Chrome

You can also add Capitalize My Title to Google Chrome as a search engine so that you can quickly capitalize titles by just using the address bar.

Follow these directions to add a Capitalize My Title search engine:

1. Open Settings > Search engine or go enter chrome://settings/searchEngines into your address bar.

2. Click the “Add” button.

3. Enter details for the search engine.

a. Search engine: A name for the search engine for your reference.
b. Shortcut: What you want to enter in the address bar to trigger the shortcut. You can enter anything. We use an “@” symbol below, but you could enter anything such as “cap”, “capitalize”, etc.
c. URL with %s in place of query: The full URL of our tool and the wildcard search term. If you want to default to a certain style, use the appropriate “/style/” URL as mentioned above.

Adding a search engine to
Adding a url with the style you want. In this case AP style.

4. Enter your shortcut into the address bar and press TAB to “search”.

5. Press ENTER and your title will be capitalized.

Automatically Set a Title Capitalization Style

If you want to quickly default to a title capitalization style (or simply bookmark it), we’ve got you covered! Use the links below to quickly set the capitalization style:

You can even add a title in the url after the style to automatically capitalize a title in the set style.

For example, in AP: a Title

Quickly Analyze Your Headline

If you’ve used our headline analyzer, did you know that there’s a quick way to analyze your headline that doesn’t involve clicking on the link on the homepage?

Just enter “” in your address bar and enter your title after it. It will automatically load a page with your headline entered.

For example: This Headline

Use Grammarly With Capitalize My Title

Capitalize My Title goes well with Grammarly. Read our guide on how to use Grammarly with Capitalize My Title.

Get Our API

Our API lets you automatically get proper capitalization. Check out how to get our API here.

Go ahead and give these tips and tricks a try on our homepage!

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Capitalize My Title is a dynamic title capitalization tool used to make sure your titles or headlines use proper capitalization rules according to various style guides include APA, AP, MLA, and Chicago. It also counts your words and checks for grammar issues.


  1. I have a question regarding usage of the “Quickly Capitalize Your Title in the Address Bar” feature described above.

    Would it be OK to create an open source plugin for a text/code editor that would leverage the above feature to check and fix all title casing in a document? i.e. the plugin would scan the document (.e.g. a Markdown document) extract every section title, post it to levering the URL and “title/” addition feature, and then extract the capitalized title from the page and paste in place of the original title in the source document — in other words, is this type of automated use of this service allowed and approved of?

    I couldn’t figure it out by reading the “Terms” and “FAQ” section, so I’m asking.

    I use this capitalization service quite a lot, and it would be great to be able to automate my workflow via a plugin editor which can fix all titles in a document at once.

    Ever though of exposing the service publicly via an API?

    Thanks for you attention.


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