How to Use Grammarly with Capitalize My Title

Grammarly is a great complement to Capitalize My Title and it’s so easy to get started! Just follow the directions below to get started using Grammarly to check your grammar while capitalizing your title!

How to Get Grammarly to Work with Capitalize My Title

1. Go to

Go to Grammarly’s website to get access to the Grammarly Chrome plugin.

2. Click on the “Add to Chrome – It’s Free” button.


3. Authorize the Grammarly Chrome extension.

When the popup opens that asks whether you want to “Add ‘Grammarly for Chrome,'” click “Add Extension.

Click “Add extension” to install the Grammarly Chrome plugin


4. Confirm installation of the Grammarly Chrome plugin.

Make sure that the Grammarly logo appears in the top-right corner of your Chrome browser.

chrome grammarly5. Go to Capitalize My Title and click on the caret to expand the text box.

grammarly capitalize my title - unexpanded

6. Enter your title and Grammarly will automatically start checking your grammar!

7. If you want more grammar checks, upgrade to Grammarly Premium for over 400+ checks for common Grammar issues. 

Click on the banner below to get a Grammarly Premium discount of 10%:

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