What Is the Abbreviation for Appointment?

Do you want to know the shortened form of the word “appointment”? You’re in the right place. In this article, we will be taking a look at how to abbreviate the word “appointment,” but before that, let’s have a quick look at its definition.

Definition of Appointment

There are two main definitions for the word appointment that while close in nature do change the meaning of the word to some degree, so we will list both of them for this article.

An appointment is defined as a mutual agreement between two parties to meet or interact at a later point. In short to make an appointment is to plan a future meeting, and the word appointment itself represents that upcoming reunion.

Alternatively appointment can refer to an office or task that a person is designated to. For example a position of power in a political party. In this context appointment refers to the job itself, and not just to a single time meeting.

How Do You Abbreviate Appointment?

The common abbreviation for the word “appointment” is “appt.” Though it’s not the most common of abbreviations it’s nonetheless a widely agreed upon one.

Special attention should be paid to the spelling as “apt.” is a completely different abbreviation, in this case for the word apartment. So a single spelling error can completely change the meaning in this case.

You should also keep in mind that in the case you are abbreviating the word “appointments” you need to add the plural to the abbreviation as well, so in that case the proper abbreviation would be “appts.”

Synonyms for Appointment

When it comes to its first definition some of the most common synonyms of appointment are:

  • engagement
  • arrangement
  • date
  • assignation

Words like rendezvous are also listed in most dictionaries, but given the fact that appointments can refer to many things, it’s important to check what synonym best suits the original tone.

When it comes to appointment as a task however the main synonyms change a bit, and the main ones you’ll see are: assignment, designation, commission and office. Job and its synonyms can be used as well to replace appointment, but as that is a more general word in the grand scheme of things it’s not as specific as the original word.

When to Use the Abbreviation Appt.?

The main thing to remember when it comes to using appt. as an abbreviation is that more often than not you really don’t want to use it. “Appt.” as an abbreviation is never really used verbally or in written language when it comes to regular conversation. Appt. is the kind of abbreviation you only use in headers, official reports, or notes. In short, far from being a common use word, it’s there exclusively for times where space is a concern.

Those general rules apply for either meaning of the word. So in general you should only really rely on the abbreviation for things such as presentation cards, article titles or reports where saving space is vital to getting the point across. Don’t expect people to use appt. on its own regularly as it’s really not a word you are meant to use most of the time.

Some Examples of When to Use Appt:

  • New Appt. to the White House cabinet.
  • Doctor Garcia, Appts. Online.
  • Services offered by appt. only.
  • Don’t forget this month’s regular appt.

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