WTM Meaning: What Does WTM Mean?

People often have difficulty understanding the meaning behind various common acronyms used on social media and elsewhere. This is because the letters of an acronym can stand for many different things. This guide can help you understand the true WTM meaning based on context:

What Does WTM Mean?

Picture showing the WTM meaning

WTM can mean “What’s The Matter,” “What’s The Move” and “Whatever That Means.”

For “What’s the Matter” (WTM?), it means that you want to know if one or more people are okay. You might also ask this question sarcastically if dealing with someone dramatic.

In terms of “What’s the Move” (WTM?), you’re asking one or more people what they have planned to do soon or in the future. It can mean that they already had plans that the asker wants to clarify, or they just want to know what someone else has planned for the day in general.

Lastly, “Whatever That Means” (WTM) usually means that the person using the acronym is sarcastically stating that they don’t understand something said by someone else or about a topic.

When Did the Acronym Start Being Used?

When WTM usage started depends entirely on the breakdown of the acronym. WTM meaning in text format, presumably begun after people first used SMS to send messages and then became more popular during social chats in recent years with the increased use of text and chat messaging for instant conversations.

Other WTM meanings trace back to different dates based on each first usage of their unique phrases.

For example, people have used WTM to refer to the World Travel Market since 1980. WTM for Windows Task Manager likely became a popular acronym during the first discussions between computer hardware and software technicians and developers about the tool in 1996.

People started using WTM to refer to the World’s Toughest Mudder after the first event in 2011.Β 

Other WTM Meaning

WTM means many things, both offline and online. Here are some additional common meanings for this acronym:

  • Winner Takes Most – business term that describes when several companies or leaders in a market make most but not all of the money.
  • World Travel Market – the name of an annual global travel and tourism exposition that takes place in London.
  • World Transformation Movement – Sydney-based organization that seeks to transform individuals and humanity using a different understanding of the human condition recommended by biologist Jeremy Griffith.
  • World’s Toughest Mudder – the name of 24-hour extreme sports obstacle course events held in various areas around the world.
  • What They Meant – confirming agreement with something someone else said or asking for confirmation.
  • Women To Man – referring to someone who has transitioned or plans to transition from their assigned female sex to a male gender; used less frequently in recent years with increase usage of FTM or female-to-male as an alternative.
  • Windows Task Manager – the previous name of Microsoft’s Task Manager tool on Windows operating systems.
  • Write Tape Mark – a tech term used to describe the process of recording data on tape systems.
  • Web Traffic Monitor – a software system that reviews and analyzes traffic on a website or across the web.

When to use WTM?

You can use WTM in verbal and written communications. In-person and online casual conversations are the most common format for slang usage.

You might emphasize the meaning in context during a verbal conversation by raising your voice when speaking the final letter. You can also highlight the meaning of WTM with an exclamation point or question mark when writing it.

Use of WTM outside of slang commonly happens in conversations specific to a topic in casual and professional settings.

For example, you might use WTM to mean World Travel Market during a business meeting. Your past experiences and interactions with other people in social and work settings can help you determine the appropriate times to use WTM.

You can also refer to the below list of ways to use WTM in sentences and abbreviated chat messages:

Examples of Using WTM

  • What’s The Matter

“WTM? Should I come over?” and “WTM? Do you need help?” (said with concern); “WTM? Who died now?” (said sarcastically)Β 

  • What’s The Move

“WTM? We still on for movies Friday night?” or “Guys. WTM here? We don’t have all night to make a decision.”

  • Whatever That Means

“Right. Okay. WTM.” (said sarcastically)

“They said that I needed to do X to fix my computer. WTM.” (said to emphasize confusion)

  • World Transformation Movement:

“He believes in the ideas of WTM’s Griffith…” or “Did you know that they’re members of the WTM?”

  • World’s Toughest Mudder

“Where is WTM being held?” or “Are you going to WTM? I can’t wait!”

  • What They Meant

“Hear, hear! WTM! Let them speak!” “Do you know wtm?” or “WTM to say…”

  • Woman To Man

“That writer creates great diverse characters. This one fantastic WTM character…” or “It’s FTM now instead of WTM.”

  • Windows Task Manager

“Open the WTM and then check the processes list…” or “No. Microsoft dropped the Windows. It’s just called Task Manager instead of WTM.”

  • Web Traffic Monitor

“What WTM algorithms did they use?” or “Do you have the WTM data?”


As you’ve seen in this guide, you can use any of the many forms of WTM in your day-to-day verbal and written communications with ease. You also now know that WTM meaning changes. How and when you use it depends on the context and the social setting. Use this handy information about WTM whenever you need help with using it in the future.

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