What Does WCW Mean?

This article will detail the most common use for the acronym WCW. It will describe the WCW meaning, first uses, any other possible meanings, and examples of and when to use the acronym.

What Does WCW Mean?

WCW means “Woman Crush Wednesday” and is frequently used on social media. This refers to the online trend of posting photos of women with the hashtag #WCW. This acronym can be used by both males posting photos of women or women posting photos of other women as well. Or otherwise posting photos of your “crush” or women you find to be attractive on Wednesdays. It can also refer to World Championship Wrestling, but the Woman Crush Wednesday trend and usage is far more common online.

When Did the WCW Start Being Used?

WCW started as a trend in 2010 as a counter to the Man Crush Mondays trend already in existence. It became a popular acronym to use with social media posts on websites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Woman Crush Wednesday started off being used mainly for post about women who the creator found sexually attractive, but has branched off into multiple uses and purposes beyond that.

When to Use the Acronym?

The most common time to use the acronym is when posting photos of women you want to give praise to on Wednesdays. The posting does not have to be sexual in nature and can be a post just showing off how much you respect or love someone. It can be a post about a girlfriend, wife, friend, celebrity, or others. Often times it is used for women you have romantic attraction to, but is not necessary for the usage.

Examples of Usage for WCW

Example 1: Matt wants to show his love and appreciation for his wife. He posts a photo of her they took at a recent event to Twitter. He tags it with several different ways such as “#love”, “#wife”, and finally since it is a Wednesday he adds “#WCW” to it as well.

Example 2: Karissa just graduated from college Wednesday with her best friend, who is going onto Graduate School in the fall to pursue her goal of becoming a doctor. Karissa posted a photo of them both in their graduation attire to Instagram. Karissa wrote in her post about how proud she is of her friend’s work ethic and drive to become a doctor. She said her friend always provided her inspiration and she admired her inner strength and beauty. Karissa does not have romantic feelings for her friend, but added the “#WCW” tag to her post as a sign of admiration and respect.

Example 3: Ben follows a famous celebrity on social media. Lately the celebrity has posted about some charity work she has been doing. Ben admires both the celebrity and her work helping those in need. He shared her most recent post and added the tag “#WCW” because he likes both the woman and her work helping others.

The acronym, while commonly used online for tags and posts, is not really one used for in person conversations. For example if you were discussing a photo with your friend you might say, “This is a really pretty photo, I am going to post it for Woman Crush Wednesday.” Typically you would not verbalize the acronym and say, “..post it for WCW.”

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