What Does “lb” Mean?

Have you been reading an article or on social media and come across the acronym “lb?” It can be very confusing to run across an acronym that you don’t know the meaning of. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. This article will take a look at the different lb meanings and give you an idea of what the author is trying to convey. Hopefully, we can alleviate some of the confusion out there.

What Does “lb” Mean?

The most common lb meaning in the English language is the abbreviation for pound. Pound refers to a unit of measure for weight in the Imperial measurement system. It is typically used in America since it refers to their units of measure.

When used to refer to point, the acronym “lb” is always lowercased.

When Did “lb” Start Being Used?

The “lb” abbreviation for pound originates in the Latin language. The Latin term for pound, Libra pondo translates to “a pound by weight.” The “lb” abbreviation comes from the “libra” portion of phrase. “Libra” literally translates to weight or scale. The abbreviation was used through centuries around the world to refer to a unit of weight measure. As much of the world moved away from the Imperial weights system, the abbreviation became more common in America, and less so in other parts of the world.

Other Meanings of the Acronym “lb”

There are a number of other colloquial meanings for the abbreviation “lb.”

  • Little Boy – This LB meaning is used when referring to an arrogant, immature male who tries to act older than his age.
  • Like Back – Like Back is a phrase often used on social media sites such as Instagram. You may see this acronym paired with a hashtag like “#LB”.
  • Little B*tch – This lb meaning refers to whiny individuals who are always complaining.
  • Line Brother -This term is typically used in fraternities to describe a brother who pledged during the same semester.
  • Linebacker- This is a position in American football and is abbreviated with capital letters.

When to Use “lb”

“Lb” can be appropriately used any time you are referring to pounds while writing. This is best used in informal text. It is more correct to write out “pound” in more formal publications. The abbreviation pound can also be used when solving math problems or referencing the unit of measure.

The other “lb” meanings are most commonly used while texting or posting on social media sites. These are typically informal interactions and include colloquial phrases. Using informal or colloquial abbreviations is not appropriate when addressing professionals in a professional setting. It can be an effective way to reduce the amount of typing needed while texting or posting.

Examples of Sentences Using “lb.”

1. The bag of dog food I bought yesterday weighed 52 lbs.
2. The loud dude over there is acting like such an LB (Little Boy).
3. Remember to LB (Like Back) please on my Insta page!
4. That guy won’t stop whining and complaining, what LB (Little B*tch).
5. Yeah I know him, he was my LB (Line Brother). We pledged at the same time.
6. Bobby Wagner is the best LB (Linebacker) in the league right now.

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