What Does IKYFL Mean?

Just what does IKYFL mean? Maybe you’ve read this in a text message or your kid has exclaimed this at the dinner table in response to something you said. But what does IKYFL mean?

What Does IKYFL Mean?

IKYFL means “I Know You F***** Lying” or “I Know You Feel Like.”  It depends on the context of the sentence.

IKYFL is one of the social acronyms that has popped up over the years. The abbreviations can be taken literally and as a way of accusing someone of lying, but as an idiomatic phrase, it can also be an expression to demonstrate disbelief.

Still this may not be a totally adequate definition and you may still be asking yourself, what does ikyfl mean? It’s easy to be a little confused here because we also see it on products, especially welcome mats and such. In this case, the IKYFL meaning is a little different and something like: “I Know You Feel Like”.

In this case, the phrase can be used in chats on welcome mats, even on websites. In this case, the word is meant to say things like I know You Feel Like Coming In the house, or I Know You Feel Like visiting.

Is It Informal?

Despite the ikyfl meanings, it is still an acronym that is commonly used on social media channels. Because of this, it is very informal and not to be used in more formal emails or settings where you need to use more formal language. It may be appropriate to use this acronym with friends or in a joking way with your family, but it is certainly not something you want to say to your boss.

Similar Acronyms

On chat and social media, people use acronyms like IKYFL all the time. For older generations, these acronyms may be challenging to understand, so here are a few of the most commonly used on social media and chat apps.

BAE – Before Anyone Else
ISTG – I Swear to God
LOL – Laugh Out Loud
WTF – What The F***
WTH = What the H***

When to Use IKYFL

This acronym can be used in many ways but mostly in informal settings where you might say something like You are f****** lying. Most people will interpret this as a feeling of disbelief or extreme surprise. Let’s look at it in an example. Here Susan is receiving a surprise trip from her friend Mary for her birthday. So in a message Susan might say:

“We all chipped in and got you these tickets for your birthday.”
Mary: OMG! IKYFL! I am so surprised.

Where Is IKYFL not Appropriate?

Let’s look at a situation where IKYFL would not be an appropriate response.

John’s boss emails him telling him he has missed too much time at work and that he really needs to be on time or else he will lose his job.

In this case, it would not be appropriate for John to respond IKYFL. Sending this acronym in such a formal email response would only make things worse with the supervisor and could get him fired immediately.

It would be much better to respond with something like.

Mr. Smith

I admit, your email surprised me because I have only been late twice in the last six months, and that was due to a medical issue. Could this be a problem with the HR department? I have my medical records. Please let me know if you need me to forward them to you.


John may have been angry and very surprised to receive this email but he must act professionally. By responding with an IKYFL he will only incite his manager with his unprofessional response.


In general the ikyfl meaning is this: “I Know You F****** Lying” and usually means surprise, or in some cases it is not so nice and is to accuse someone of telling a lie. At any rate, all meanings are very informal and should only be used with friends.


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