Is Lord Capitalized?

Lord is thought to be a proper noun because it refers to an individual person. If Lord is a proper noun that would mean it would always and should always be capitalized right? This is a very confusing topic and word capitalization at first because the word Lord is very predominate and strongly used in many religions.

Is the word lord capitalized?

When referring to Lord in religion people think of him or her as one. When speaking about a specific Lord in religion then the word should always be capitalized.

The confusion arises when a group of people is called lords and ladies. In this case, there is no single person specifically addressed so lord is spelled with a lowercase. If a person is referring to a title that is either positional or hereditary the word Lord would be capitalized.

When the word is used as a general honorific (I would be happy to fetch bread for you my lord) or used in a collective circumstance (good evening lords and ladies) it is not capitalized. The capitalization of the word is not that complicated when a person breaks it down.

The capitalization is the same as it would be used in many if not all other nouns. In the Christian religion, the word Lord should always be capitalized. There are many examples of words and sentences used by Christians that do not align with standard English grammar rules such as saying “I bless His holy name” or ” I bless His Holy Name” which are both incorrect. In the example, “his” should not be capitalized and neither should “holy” or “name” be. Religious phrases do not always correlate well with the English language which is understandable because there are certain phrases of respect that are only recognized in the specific religion. So should lord/Lord always be capitalized? No the capitalization of the word depends on the specific circumstance.

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