Is Industry Capitalized?

While it is one of the basis of our language, or at the very least of our written language, capitalization can be somewhat hard to grasp at times. There’s a series of detailed rules that we were taught long time ago in our early formation days and most likely have forgotten by now. While it’s usually easy to tell when a word looks wrong without capitalization just from instinct alone, this has led to the complete opposite problem, the overuse of capitalization in a context that doesnโ€™t require it, which is also a mistake on its own.

These somewhat forgotten rules have led me and others to ask, is industry capitalized? We have to answer…it depends.

Is Industry Capitalized?

Exceptions are kind of the norm when writing, so the most straightforward answer to the question is industry capitalized would be to simply say no, industry by itself is not usually capitalized. It is not a proper noun, so it should follow the usual rules of capitalization which say that you should only do so when it’s the first word in a sentence or when it is used in a title.

However some of you may have seen cases where the word is capitalized outside of the start of a sentence, and indeed there are a few circumstances where it’s allowed. Mainly this refers when it becomes a noun, or part of a title, if a company were to be named. For example in the company name Industry Incorporated, we’d have to capitalize industry, as it’s a noun in function. Another example is the Industry in California, as Industry is in fact it’s proper name it should be capitalized. But short of those specific exceptions the word industry should not be capitalized.


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