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Twitter Character Counter Tool Instructions

  1. Enter your Tweet in the text box above.
  2. Our tool will automatically tell you how many characters are in your Tweet.
  3. That’s it! Use the Twitter character counter wherever you need to Tweet.

Why Does Character Count Matter?

Character counts can be found everywhere in writing. From college applications to social media platforms, various entities impose character limits so it’s important to know how many characters your writing contains.

What Is Characters Count?

Computer characters are any letters, numbers, spaces, punctuation marks, or symbols that can be typed on a computer. Each character requires one byte of space on a computer, so the word “mouse” takes up 5 bytes.

Fun fact: Emojis actually count as two characters since it takes up two bytes 😀.

Twitter Character Counts

Twitter has long been known for their character limits. The original tweet character limit was 140 characters but has now increased to 280 characters. See below for some other common Twitter character limits.

Twitter Character Count

  • Tweet/Post:Β  280 characters
  • Twitter DM:Β 10,000 characters
  • Twitter Handle:Β 15 characters
  • Twitter Profile Name: 50 characters
  • Twitter Bio: 160 characters


Do Images Affect Character Counts on Twitter?

No, images do not impact your character count. This also includes videos, GIFs, polls, and Retweets.

How Many Characters Do Emojis Use on Twitter?

Emojis count as 2 characters on Twitter since they use 2 bytes of data.

Are Hashtags Included in Twitter Character Limits?

Yes, hashtags count as part of the 280 character limit.

Do Spaces Count as Characters on Twitter?

Yes, spaces count as characters on Twitter.

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