Random Verb Generator

Our random verb generator will generate random verbs. Just select the number of verbs you want to generate, how you want them separated, and click “Generate Random Verbs”! You can also press “ENTER” to generate a new verb.

We also have a dedicated random adjective generator and random word generator.


How Do You Use Our Random Verb Generator

  1. Change any settings you want by selecting how many random verbs you want to generate.
  2. Click “Generate Random Verbs”.
  3. See random verbs listed in the boxes.
  4. Click the “copy” icon to copy the list separated by commas.

What Can You Use the Random Verb Generator For?

There may be a time when you want to generate a list of random verbs instead of a list of all words. Maybe you’re looking for a verb that you can use in a game of Pictionary or MadLibs, or simply want to generate a list of verbs. Our tool does just that.

There are an estimated 171,476 verbs in the English language depending on which dictionary you reference. That’s a lot of verbs!

Types of Verbs

There are four types of verbs: intransitive, transitive, linking, and passive.

Intransitive verbs are verbs that when combined with the subject provide a complete thought. They do not need an object. For example, “I ran in the race” or simply “I ran”.

Transitive verbs express action that is received or ends with an object. For example, “I hit the baseball” or “We beat them”.

Linking verbs include senses (smell, taste, look, feel, sight) and some other verbs including “be”, “seem”, “become”, and “remain”. These verbs connect the subject with a complement. For example, “She is a doctor” or “I feel sick”.

Passive verbs are used when the subject receives the action rather than performs the action. They are usually identified by the use of a tense of the word “be”. For example, “The bird is flying in the air”.

Common FAQs

How Do You Generate a List of Random Verbs?

If you want a list of multiple random verbs, change the “Number of Words” to more than 1, click on the “Generator Random Verbs” button, and then click the copy icon to copy your list of random verbs.

How Many Verbs Does Your Tool Have?

We include almost 1,000 of the most common verbs. It wouldn’t make sense for our tool to return verbs that aren’t well-known, especially for games such as Pictionary or MadLibs.

What Is a Verb?

Verbs are a type of word that describes an action.