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Need some random questions to start a conversation? Looking for random questions to ask during an interview? Use our random question generator to quickly generate those random questions. 

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Random Questions To Start a Conversation

To know someone better, you need to go far beyond asking them the overly exhausted questions we often ask, like “What’s up?,” “Is everything okay?” Here are some 10+ random questions to help you explore a person’s life and habits.

1. Would you rather buy a home in the mountains or on the beach? A fair question to know the kind of destinations a person likes.

2. What food do you often have cravings for? That’s how to know the foods they like and restaurant to go out to.

3. If you could choose only one place on earth to visit, where would that be? This helps you know their dream destination, especially if you may want to make it happen.

4. What would you like your dream house to be like? A fair question to someone you see a future with.

5. What angers you the most? A way to know and avoid making them angry

6. What is it that always makes you smile? That’s an important one because you need to contribute to their happiness.

7. Between truth and happiness, which is more important? A question to help you know how trustworthy a close person is.

8. Would you rather be famous or rich? A fun conversation time question to someone you like.

9. What powers would you have if you were a superhero? A crazy but fun question for moments when you feel bored chatting with someone.

10. If you could, what are the things you would change about yourself? This helps to reveal whether a person is brutally honest and confident with their life or not.

11. Would you rather swap some intelligence for looks or vice versa? Just a fun question to stir a conversation with a guy or girl you like.

12. Would you ditch a partner you love because your parents don’t want them to be with you? This question helps you to know if your partner can protect you; their love.

13. If you could pick one famous person to be the mother/father of your child, who would that be? One of the random questions for a casual conversation

Random Question Generator