NVM Meaning: What Does NVM Mean?

Acronyms are not a new form of language, but they are used more often in the digital world today. Many of these shortened words can be confusing for those who see them for the first time. “NVM” is one of the more common words used in text conversations today, and can be baffling if you do not know what it means. This article will cover the NVM meaning, as well as the background of the acronym, and even how it is used.

What Does the Acronym NVM Mean?

The acronym NVM means “never mind”.

In some cases, the acronym can be shortened to “NM”, but it has the same meaning. It can also be used as a hashtag on some social media sites, as well as on certain types of blogs. When someone messages or texts this to you it simply means to forget it. This could mean that you should forget the last thing said, or it could mean forget what was asked.

When Did the Acronym Start Being Used?

“NVM” is one of the first acronyms used when chat rooms were the newest thing on the internet. It, like many others, were created to make type chatting faster. The actual date of when it was first used is unknown, but the Urban Dictionary included it in their definition database in the year 2003.

Other NVM meaning

The acronym NVM almost always means “nevermind” but it can also mean:

  • Not Very Much
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • Node Version Manager
  • Night Vision Monocular
  • National Volcanic Monument
  • Network Virtual Memory
  • Not Very Mature
  • Not Very Manly

When to Use NVM

The use of the acronym “NVM” will depend on the conversation. It can be used after something that confused you has been cleared up. It can also be used if you happened to embarrass yourself by sending a message to the wrong person. “NVM” is really useful when you are upset with the person that you are chatting with.

Examples of Sentences NVM

The acronym “NVM” is perfect for using after asking for help from someone and they obviously don’t care to do it, or when they out right deny you.

For example: In a conversation with your spouse you ask them “Could you please fold the laundry for me when you get home?”

The spouse replies “I am tired and just wanted to relax and watch TV tonight.”

Your reply: “NVM!”

An example of when to use “NVM” when something confused you and it has been cleared up:

Person you are chatting with: “No, Jane has 2 dogs.”

Your reply: “Oh, NVM then.”

An example of how to use the acronym “NVM” when sending a message to the wrong person”

The wrong person: “Do I know you?”

Your Reply: “Sorry, NVM.”

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