NFW Meaning: What Does NFW Mean?

Many of the new acronyms being used in the world today can be mind-numbing. The first time people see the letters NFW in a message can be confusing, to say the least. Below you will see a breakdown of the NFW meaning, and how it can be used successfully.

What Does NFW Mean?

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The acronym NFW meaning is “No Freaking Way,” but it does have several other ways that it could be used as well. These three letters can also mean not for work, not for women, or not feeling well.

When Did NFW Start Being Used?

There isn’t any data available as to when the acronym NFW started to be used. It more than likely made an appearance back in the 1990s. This is when most acronyms were created so that people could communicate faster and more efficiently in chat rooms. The little broken-down words stuck and were carried over to multiplayer games, e-mail, and texts via cell phones.

Other NFW Meanings and When to Use It

The acronym NFW has a few different meanings. Some people use NFW or no freaking way, in conversations to express disbelief. NFW is also used to tell others that they are not feeling well.

These same 3 letters can also mean “not for work”, which generally means it is not something that should ever be said in a work environment. This is used mostly after someone tells an inappropriate joke. In rare cases, the broken down word can be used to say not for women.

The acronym NFW can also mean means “not for women”. This is generally used when men are making weird jokes or talking about the physical details of a specific woman. Usually, it is the first thing written in the conversation as a warning to the other gender.

Examples of Sentences Using NFW

How to use NFW in a conversation that conveys disbelief:

“Are you joking? NFW!” or after the other person is finished with explaining the disbelieving information simply typing in “NFW!” will convey everything with those simple 3 letters.

How to use NFW in a conversation that conveys that the person is not feeling well:
“I am sorry that I can’t go. I am nfw.” or just simply typing in “nfw” at the start of a conversation will let the other person know how you are feeling that day.

How to use NFW in a conversation that is not safe to use at work:
“That joke is nfw!” or after the person is finished with the naughty joke simply type in “NFW!” and that will convey the message clearly.

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