MRW Meaning: What Does MRW Mean?

Whether in texting or browsing the internet, acronyms are popularised into abbreviating typical reactions or shared experiences. They contribute to the social construct on what’s funny or easy to relate to and keeping them brief saves time and energy when trying to reach a punch line towards the humor.MRW is no exception but what is “MRW meaning.”

What Does MRW Mean?

The MRW meaning is texting speech. Frankly, it’s one of the fewer used terms on the internet. It’s used by someone to describe their personal experiences in comparison to the current relatable situation. In short, MRW means “my reaction when.”

Image showing the meaning of MRW

More often than not, it’s seen in front of an internet photo or illustration found on the web to describe one’s personal comedic point of view based on the relatable action or reaction portrayed on the image. More to the point, it’s a way of sharing opinions and ideas through fun.

When Did MRW Start Being Used?

The phrase first started making its appearances in 2009 on 4chan. It was then added to the Urban Dictionary in 2010. This was also the same year when The website,, Was designed to collect and list some of the more popular memes with both “MRW” and “MFW” (my face when) known to the internet. Today it’s often used on Reddit and 4chan message boards. The phrase comes in handy for exemplifying opinions.

Other MRW Meaning

To best avoid confusion, here is a list of phrases This acronym also shares:

  • Ministere de la Region Wallone
  • Master Resume Writer
  • Minolta Raw
  • Maximum Ramp Weight
  • Major Reference Work
  • Moderate Risk Waste
  • Ma-Rohklin-Wandzura

When to Use MRW?

MRW is a social phrase for humorous moments. It’s designed to make others laugh and smile at a situation they can relate to and find enjoyable to experience from someone else’s point of view. is purely recreational and not designed for serious or business matters. “my reaction when” are for friends and acquaintances who can see eye-to-eye and enjoy each other’s company through a matter of humorous examples.

To make a long story short, MRW is for fun and joking with others. MRW jokes are used most as memes and gifs to be shared on text chats and texting with friends and peers. They can be on images of cartoons, drawings, movies, reenactments, and any source of media that showcase the perfect likewise reaction to others.

Examples of Sentences Using MRW

The best examples are found researching memes on the internet, but they’re often found with sentences such as these:

  • “MRW my car hits a stop sign.”
  • “MRW my teacher asks to see me after class.”
  • “My reaction when my mom shows my baby tapes to company.”


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