LMK Meaning: What Does LMK Mean?

People use the abbreviation lmk more often these days. It’s as if everyone knows lmk meaning, but that is far from the truth. Most people still can’t figure out how or where to use this abbreviation. However, after reading this article, they’ll definitely understand what lmk means.

What Does LMK Mean?

LMK is an abbreviation primarily used in informal communication to mean let me know.

When the person writing wants his recipients to get back to him with some information about something or someone, he can use lmk to pass that message. This phrase has been used for quite so long, actually over a decade now, until it has become a staple in e-communication (electronic communication).

Capitalize My Title's LMK meaning stands for let me know

It implies that another communication is expected to happen in the near future, probably when the recipient replies. The best thing about this acronym is that it can be used in uppercase LMK and lowercase form lmk, as both are acceptable and commonly used.

This acronym is mainly used in emails and texts and not really in face-face conversations. Lmk gives a friendly tone when one is asking for information as it sounds more casual and less confrontational. It’s, therefore, the best phrase to use in difficult or potentially tense conversations.

Nowadays, people use it at work as well. Nonetheless, you should avoid using it when communication requires a formal tone or when you’re writing to a person that may not understand its meaning.

When Did LMK Start Being Used?

Even before it became an internet abbreviation, ‘let me know’ has been in existence and widely used in English. This phrase is very flexible, and one can easily use it in different contexts, from asking when the meeting will start to asking clients whether they need anything else.

It’s not quite clear when this abbreviation started being used. For some, the shortened version of let me know originated from early internet forums, message boards, and forums in the 90s. But, according to the Urban Dictionary, the origin of LMK started in 2003.

However, it’s in order to say that the phrase has seen massive growth with the rise of direct messaging, instant messaging, and SMS in the 2000s and beyond.

Today, it’s common for people to use LMKin their personal or friendly chats with other people, especially on social media, where, there are so many hashtags, emojis, and stickers using different acronyms.

When to Use LMK?

For those people who are still wondering when and why to use the acronym LMK, then they’re in the right place. There are two primary reasons to use this acronym in your conversation. One is to ask a question and the second one is so the sender can request more information in the future.

• LMK meaning in the first case: to ask a question

In this case, a sender asks a question and expects an answer from the recipient as soon as possible. This is common in cases where the recipient is still offline and that they’ll reply once they go online or when a sender has used a channel that doesn’t require the receiver to reply immediately. Such channels include SMS and email.

For instance, a sender can write, LMK when you’re free at the end of his primary message. Lmk, in this case, makes the conversation look more casual instead of aggressive and rude. Lmk doesn’t denote any sense of urgency in this case unless a sender decides to signify it by adding the phrase ASAP (As Soon As Possible) along with it.

• Using LMK to ask for future updates

This is also a valid reason to use the acronym LMK. One can use it when asking for more information about a particular situation in the future. It can’t be used alone in this case, though. People often put it together with different other phrases like ‘how it goes’ and ‘what happens’ to pass the message across.

Example: I wish you success in your interview, LMK how it goes. This text message implies that the sender wants to be updated on the interview later on.

How to use LMK

‘Let me know, and the acronym LMK are fundamentally interchangeable, making it possible for someone to use them both or switch between them. The best beneficial part about this acronym is that it doesn’t restrict someone as most acronyms do.

This abbreviation is quite versatile, making it possible to be used in both casual and professional conversations. Because of its versatility, it’s very common for people to use it in an email when they need insights or feedback from their colleagues at the workplace. However, when a sender feels that some of his colleagues may not understand LMK, they should avoid it or use its complete form, which is let me know.

Examples of LMK in sentences

• Hi, I’m told you’ll be going for an interview tomorrow, LMK how it goes.

• Hey, I’ve sent you the design. LMK what you think

• What time is the meeting tomorrow? Please LMK

• Can you come over this weekend? LMK, thanks.

• Please LMK where you are. I’ll pick you up.

• Do you have any plans for the weekend? LMK

Other LMK Meaning

People also use the phrase LMK to give different other meanings, such as local maintenance key, let’s make kids, local master key, love my kids, and lions might knit. However, the most common meaning of LMK is still “let me know.”

There are also different other ways to say LMK without actually using it in a sentence. These are;

  • Give me a call later
  • Please notify me
  • Please keep me updated or posted
  • Could you please give me a shout
  • Get back to me when you can
  • Please keep me in the know
  • Fill me in with all the details when you get the chance
  • Send me a message or a note later on
  • Keep me in the loop, among many other synonyms.

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