Julia Quinn Books in Order

Julia Quinn is a New York Times bestselling author of romance novels. She is a member of an exclusive group of just sixteen who have made it into the Romance Writers of America’s Hall of Fame, which makes any Julia Quinn biography interesting. For example, Ms. Quinn on The Weakest Link. This cemented her intellectual heft. It’s no surprise her work is known for its historical details and insightful characterization. Her books have been translated into 31 languages and her popular series, The Bridgertons, has been produced as an original Netflix series.

Bridgerton Books in Order

Bridgerton Series Overview

The Bridgerton series is among the most popular of Quinn’s work. The series focuses on the lives of the Bridgerton family. In the first novel, The Duke and I, young Daphne Bridgerton agrees to help one of her brother’s friends avoid being forced to marry by pretending to be courted by him. The reason for the ruse is tragic – the hero, who is the Duke of Hastings, is emotionally fragile due to his father’s death and other events.

While the courtship between the pair is supposed to be a ruse, it evolves into the real thing as the young couple falls in love.

What enchants many readers of this and subsequent novels in the series are the fully fledged characters. Both the hero and heroine are intelligent people that modern readers can relate to. There are also interesting side characters including extended family that are incorporated throughout the series.

The relevant action takes place during the Regency period between 1813 and 1827, and each of the 8 novels features one of the 8 Bridgerton siblings.

In 2020, a Netflix original series based on the novels was produced by Shondaland. The series is beautifully rendered with period pieces and is a fan favorite. It features romance, intrigue, and scandal as well as humorous elements.

Bridgerton Collections Books in Order

1. Bridgerton Collection Volume 1: The First Three Books in the Bridgerton Series (2020)

2. Bridgerton Collection Volume 2: Books Four-Six in the Bridgerton Series (2021)

3. Bridgerton Collection Volume 3: The Last Two Books in the Bridgerton Series and the First Bridgerton Prequel (2021)

The Rokesbys (Bridgerton Prequels) Books in Order

1. Because of Miss Bridgerton: A Bridgerton Prequel Book 1) (2016)

2. The Girl With The Make-Believe Husband: A Bridgertons Prequel (2017)

3. The Other Miss Bridgerton: A Bridgerton Prequel Book 3) (2018)

4. First Comes Scandal: A Bridgerton Prequel Book 4) (2020)

Two Dukes of Wyndham Books in Order

1. The Lost Duke of Wyndham (2008)

2. Mr. Cavendish, I Presume (2008)

Blydon Books in Order

1. Splendid (2021)

2. Dancing at Midnight (2021)

3. Minx (2021)

Smythe-Smith Quartet Books in Order

1. Just Like Heaven (2011)

2. A Night Like This (2012)

3. The Sum of All Kisses (2021)

Agents of the Crown Books in Order

1. To Catch an Heiress (2021)

2. How to Marry a Marquis (2021)

Standalone Books in Order

The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After (2021)

Julia Quinn Biography

Born Julie Cotler in 1970, she was raised in New England, though she moved to California with her mother after her parents divorced. She majored in Art History at Harvard University. During her senior year, she decided to apply for medical school and took the requisite pre-med courses. She also wrote her first two books during this period. They were both romance novels, titled Splendid and Dancing at Midnight. When the books sold, she decided to put off medical school for a year to work on her third novel.

While attending Yale Medical School, Ms. Cotler realized that this was not the career for her. Instead, she made the decision to pursue her true passion, writing. She chose the pseudonym Julia Quinn so her novels would be positioned close to those of popular romance writer Amanda Quick.

Many of her novels are dedicated to her husband, Paul Pottinger. Despite considering herself a feminist, she adopted her husband’s name, so is legally Julia Pottinger. Her books feature heroines with markedly feminist leanings. They are independent and often don’t meet historical standards of beauty. Her heroes don’t fit traditional stereotypes but often feature endearing human failings. The novels feature witty dialog and are filled with humor.

In 2007, Ms. Pottinger won the RITA Award from the Romance Writers of America and won a 2nd time in 2010 before becoming the youngest member to join the RWA Hall of Fame. Her last 17 novels have all made it to the New York Times Bestseller List. Due to her accomplishments, she was asked to teach the first writing course dedicated to romance writing at Yale during its Summer Writers Conference in 2016.

Pottinger lives with her husband and 2 children in Seattle. While her life seems as delightful as her novels, it was marred by tragedy in 2021, when her younger sister and father were killed by a drunk driver.

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