HT Meaning: What Does HT Mean?

If you’ve ever come across “HT,” it’s very likely that you’ve asked yourself, “HT meaning, what does HT mean?” This article will answer those questions so that you’re able to incorporate them into your internet lingo!

What Does HT Mean?

HT means “Hat Tip.” It is simply another way of saying “thanks” and has primarily been utilized on Twitter.

A picture showing the meaning of HT.

HT tells followers that what they are sharing has come to their awareness by someone else. The purpose of HT was used for brevity as a means of giving a shout-out to someone or something specific.

When did HT start being used?

It is uncertain when the Hat Tip gesture began. One or both men would tip their hat either as a greeting, acknowledgment, or expression of gratitude. Its figurative use dates back to the 1920s by cartoonist Jimmy Hatlo.

Hatlo had often stated his appreciation for various ideas that had been contributed to him by his readers. He thanked them by giving a “Tip of the Hatlo Hat.” This eventually transitioned into its usage in the 80s, where a hat tip means to “pay homage” to someone.

In the early 2000s, HT became prevalent on the internet and is now considered proper etiquette. For instance, news organizations like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times use the hat tip whenever they share tipped information or articles.

HT Usage and Examples

Using HT gives credit to the source of where the information came from.

“Lebron James is being traded to The Los Angeles Lakers after the 2018-2019 season. HT to @jane323 for sharing this with me.”

“I found out that it is best to sleep in cold temperatures. HT to @USAToday.”

We see that HT is always used to be a good thing. But, there are times where you can use it sarcastically.

Other HT Meanings

While the primary use for the HT meaning is for “Hat Tip,” it can be short for “Home Time,” or “Handheld Transceiver.”

“Home Time” is mostly utilized as a British English Term. It means “time to go home.” On the other hand, a Handheld Transceiver is a short way of communication for an object.

Some examples that you’ll see for “Home Time” is “I’m not feeling well.” For example, “if I’m not feeling good by HT, I’ll call the doctor.”

Using this in an acronym can be fitting in any context, text message or social media.

Should You Use HT?

It is always recommended for anyone using the internet to site their sources. If you find information and want to share it, you can add HT in the caption for proper credit. Of course, there are other ways to give credit, but “HT” is definitely easier.

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