How to Abbreviate Manufacturer

When brevity is needed, it is sometimes necessary to abbreviate the word “manufacturer” to save space. In this article we will teach you how to abbreviate the word “manufacturer,” but let’s first start with a definition.

Definition of Manufacturer

Manufacturer is a word that can be summed up in various ways, the main definition you are likely going to find in a dictionary is: an individual, group or company that that operates a manufacturing plant.

However as with many explanations presents in a dictionary that concept runs on a prior knowledge of the word manufacture, making it less than ideal.

If you want a more independent explanation then the following definition does a better job of explaining the word on its own: A company or individual that is known for producing goods, usually on a large number or scale.

The key thing to take into account is that a manufacturer makes products systematically.

How Do You Abbreviate Manufacturer

The proper abbreviation for the word manufacturer is “Mfr.” with the plural form for manufacturers being “Mfrs.”

This is the sole properly accepted abbreviation for manufacturer so any other words you find in use are likely to be a typo or just general misinformation.

Synonyms for Manufacturer

The main synonyms for the word manufacturer are: Builder, Constructor, Fabricator, Craftsman and Producer.

It is however important to take into account that some of those words can work both for a company and an individual but when it comes to words like Craftsman there is clear distinction and it only applies to a single person. This makes manufacturer a word where it’s really important to pay attention to details when finding a synonym for use.

However as more often than not a manufacturer is to begin with a company many of the synonyms for it can also be used on the right context, this includes words like Business and Corporation. However this logically doesn’t fit all cases, and more than meaning that all companies are manufacturers it relies on the fact that manufacturers are very often companies, as in manufacturing companies.

When to Use Mfr

As usual abbreviations are something that is only used in specific situations, abbreviations are never meant to be used in general prose and the abbreviation for manufacturer is no exception. What this means is that you are only likely to see Mfr in newspaper headers, long reports where repetition is an issue and generally any place where saving on the character count is relevant. This includes presentation cards, nameplates and so on.

That said for manufacturer in particular there is one area where you are very likely to see the abbreviation often, and that is in labels. Most manufactured items indicate where they were made originally and to save space most labels indicate this by writing “mfr.” in the labels. Which means that the abbreviation is fairly common, just under rather specific circumstances.

On a similar note official documents and cards from the manufacturing industry commonly use the abbreviation; this includes not only company reports but also educational books and other support documents. So the abbreviation does get to see a lot of use on its specialized areas.

Some Examples of When to Use Mfr

  • The mfrs. guild plans to go into a strike over the recent developments.
  • Mfr. in Detroit.
  • The mfr. company Blue Dream is announcing a new product soon.


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