How Do You Abbreviate Assistant?

Are you trying to figure out what the abbreviation for the word “assistant” is? You’ve come to the right place. In this short guide, we’ll explain the common abbrevations of the word “assistant,” the definition of the word, and some synonyms for the word.

What is the abbreviation for assistant?

The most frequent and common way of abbreviating the word assistant are:

  1. Asst.
  2. Assts.

The latter abbreviation “Assts.” is a secondary abbreviation that refers to the plural of the word assistant and is rarely used.

When Do You Use the Abbreviation Asst.

Usually the abbreviated word Asst. is used in an office environment to describe the assistant to a person in a higher position or authority. A typical example might be;

  • Asst. Director
  • Asst. Editor
  • Asst. Supervisor
  • Personal Asst.
  • Asst. to the Board of Directors

Examples of Sentences Using the Abbreviation – Asst.

  • The Asst. Director called the meeting to order as the Director was out of town on business.
  • The Asst. Professor had all the exams corrected and ready to distribute to the students.
  • The people in the office knew that the Asst. VP Finance would be managing the office in the absence of the VP Finance.
  • The Asst. Secretary had prepared the minutes to the meeting and was ready to distribute them to the members as they walked into the room
  • The Asst. Fire Chief was in charge of the fire drill during the afternoon.
  • We all watched as the Asst. Deputy Chief of Police interviewed the suspect.
  • Candidates for the student council had to present their candidature to the Asst. Vice Principal of the school before they would be approved.
  • Ordinarily the Asst. Marketing Director would be present and taking notes, but she was out of the office for the day.

Definition of the Word “Assistant”

The word “assistant” can be a noun or adjective. We’ll cover both definitions.

As a Noun

The definition of the word “assistant” as a noun is a helper, someone who helps, assists, or stands in for the senior person in charge. An assistant is a person or underling who may take notes during a meeting or makes arrangements for a manager or head of a company or department. He or she is generally in charge of all the tiny details which make the ‘superior’ person (or the person in charge) successful in their position.

As an Adjective

The definition of the word “assistant” as an adjective is assisting, helpful, or serving in an immediately subordinate position of secondary rank.

History of the Word Assistant

The word “assistant” derives from the mid-fifteenth century word assistent which means “a person who aids or helps another,” which was the noun use of present participle of assistere. The original word can be traced back even further to the Latin form of the word assistentem (the nominative would be assistens).

Synonyms for Assistant

There are quite a few synonyms for the word ‘assistant.’ I will list them here for you starting with the most common and strongest synonyms, to the weakest and less seldom used synonyms.

Strongest Synonyms

  • Aide
  • Apprentice
  • Associate
  • Attendant
  • Backup
  • Colleague
  • Companion
  • Deputy
  • Friend
  • Partner
  • Representative
  • Secretary

Less strong Synonyms

  • Abettor
  • Accessory
  • Accomplice
  • Adherent
  • Adjunct
  • Ally
  • Appointee
  • Auxiliary
  • Backer
  • Coadjutor
  • Collaborator
  • Confederate
  • Co-operator
  • Flunky
  • Follower
  • Gofer
  • Help
  • Mate
  • Patron
  • Peon
  • Subordinate
  • Supporter
  • Temp

Weakest Synonyms

  • Coadjutant
  • Fellow worker
  • Right-hand person
  • Temporary worker

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