FTFY Meaning: What Does FTFY Mean?

Using acronyms makes chatting easier and faster. But there are so many of them that it’s harder to keep up with all the definitions. The acronym FTFY meaning is broken down below to make one of those broken down words less confusing.

What Does FTFY Mean?

A picture showing the meaning of the acronym FTFY

In most contexts, FTFY means “fixed that for you.” Obviously, this usually comes up in conversations where the person fixed something for you.

It is very similar to the acronym FIFY.

When did the Acronym FTFY First Start Being Used?

FTFY was added to the Urban Dictionary in 2005, but it is believed the acronym came into existence way earlier. Many speculate that the acronym was born in the early 1990s when mainstream online chatting became popular.

Other FTFY Meaning

The FTFY meaning is typically used to convey the message of fixed that for you. It is also sometimes used negatively to say f— this and f— you. When it first came into use in the digital world, it conveyed a nice message.

When to Use FTFY

If you positively use FTFY, it will usually occur after you or the other person fixed something. For example, your husband fixes the internet connection. He can say “FTFY.”

If you use FTFY in a negative way, it is usually pretty clear when it is sent. An example of this is when text is sent with a misspelling, and the other person will type out the correct way to spell it and immediately say “FTFY.”

Examples of Sentences Using FTFY

An example of how to use FTFY as an acronym for fixed this for you in a nice way:

After helping and correcting a homework problem for the other person, type “there, ftfy.” It lets them know that you fixed the problem for them.

An example of how to use FTFY as an acronym for fixed this for you in a negative way:

A person in the conversation says, “I think dogs are the best animal on the planet” you would reply with, “I think cats are the best animal on the planet. There, FTFY.”

A negative example of how to use FTFY as an acronym for f— this and f— you in a sentence:

After an argument with someone, type “FTFY!” and they will get the meaning behind it clearly.

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