FITSPO Meaning: What Does FITSPO Mean?

You’ll come across different hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Some can be everyday words like “#beer” and “work,” but there are hashtags like “FITSPO” that can be confusing. What does it mean? This article will help you understand FITSPO meaning.

What Does FITSPO Mean?

FITSPO meaning is short for “inspiration” or “fitness inspiration.” It is commonly used by amateur and professional fitness influencers.

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Some folks make it their life work to inspire other people to get into shape. They often share pictures of their bodies, videos of their workouts, recipes, and evidence of their progress as well as motivational quotes and stories.

Others simply let the world tag along on their own fitness journeys as a means of accountability and relatability.

When did FITSPO Start Being Used?

FITSPO began trending in 2013 shortly after the THINSPO, or thin inspiration, a trend which unfortunately focused more on body image than health. It began as a means of inspiring the motivation to get fit in others.

Other FITSPO Meanings

No other meanings are known at this time.

When to Use FITSPO?

You can use FITSPO if you’re sharing a healthy recipe, a weight loss picture, workout photo, or other types of fitness-related media. Using “FITSPO” is not limited to fitness influencers; anyone can use the hashtag.

You don’t have to be necessarily on a fitness journey to use FITSPO, though. You can add the hashtag in your caption to describe someone who is your fitness inspiration. It may be a celebrity, a fitness influencer, or somebody you know.

Examples of Using FITSPO

  • “I was twenty-five and sixty pounds overweight. I had just found out that I was eight weeks pregnant. At my first appointment, I was automatically categorized as a high risk pregnancy due to my obesity. It hurt seeing that word on paper because I was obese.

    So, I started eating less carbs and drinking water only. I actually lost weight during my pregnancy. My little girl is now three months old, and I’m thirty pounds lighter than when I became pregnant with her. In a few short months, she’ll be eating what I’m eating, and what we are eating is going to be fuel for our bodies, not poison.” #FITSPO #Lifestyle #HealthyMommaHealthyBaby

  • “Check out today’s kettle bell workout and be sure to follow me on Instagram for more workout videos.” #FITSPO #YouCan #TakeCharge

  • “For lunch, I had a salad with tomatoes, onions, olives, cheese, croutons and peppers. Maybe just one large crouton. Pizza. It was pizza. Follow me for more fitness tips.” #FITSPO #FitFail

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